Heavier Than Rock Lighter Than Mettle

On their fourth UK tour in less than two years, the Vikings are here again. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. King Arthur and your good knights of the roundtable beware. Druids protect your henge’s. Gentle folk of Briton lock up your daughters. The Viking might of rock is here again. People this is Kite.

Born and bred in the wilderness of Oslo, taking influences from the darkest metal and the ores of hard rock, KITE have ironed out a style; breaking ears with pop twists. Melodies are important – there is no use screaming brutal murder if it ‘aint catchy.

Releasing their debut album on Reel Noise Records in September (Norway) the UK release is planned for late 2005.

Catch them at the following dates:

10th September @ Winington Wreck, Winnington
11th September @ Cellar Bar, Blackburn
12th September @ Bar Heaven and Hell, Liverpool
14th September upstairs@ The Garage, London
15th September @ The Old Angel, Nottingham
16th September @ Snooty Fox, Wakefield
19th September @ Dry Bar, Manchester ITC



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