Break In The City

Break In The City: Get Out There: One of the biggest opportunities to learn, and interact with those artists that have made it or those people are behind some of the biggest artists of today.

September 17-21st BreakIn The City, Manchester

The Band Agency and In The City presents a FREE Event for Artists, and all those trying to break into the music industry.

· Artist Academy: How to Break it in the Music Business

· Artist Rising: 100 bands and DJs across Manchester

Supported by: Key 103, PRS, BPI, Playmusic, New Deal, War Child Music, M3M, PRSF Foundation, Sound Advice, LNP Sound, Carlsbro, Big Head Media, Honey Records

Artist Academy: Saturday-Sunday (18th-19th) September 12-6pm

Urbis, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester, M4 3BG, 0161 605 8200 link

Meet the people who make the music industry tick, from the major labels, independents, managers, producers, publishers, media behind some of some of the worlds biggest selling artists (eg NME, EMI, BMG, Sony). With new and established musicians including Lisa Maffia, members of Elbow, Hell is For Heroes, Art Brut, The Farm, The Happy Mondays, So Solid Crew converge on Urbis for over 30 talks, workshops, on one ones and an Eminen style rap battle all directed on how to break it in the music business.

Plus prizes, win studio time with top producer Nick Tauber (worked with Thin Lizzy, Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath etc)

Win Unsigned Guide by playing Kill Cowell game on BITC website


Saturday 18th Sept
12.00 – 12.45

Seminar 1 (Room 1) – Demo review 1 : Feedback on your music
A expert panel of A&R, producers, media, established musicians.
NB all demos have to be presented at the venue at least ½ hr before the session starts. Keith Mullin (The Farm, Honey records) Chair, Kelly Money (Red Alert), Greg Parmley ( Hit Sheet), Steve Zapp (Agent, ITB) Will Anderson ( A&R, EMI)

Seminar 2 (Room 2) – GET OUT THERE: An introduction to the music industry
This session will cover the fundamentals of the Music Industry from A to Z, a great place to start. Richard Brown (The Junction), Mat Flynn (Honey Records, LIPA), Elliot Chambers (Music Lawyer)

1on1 (Room 3) – One on One legal advice from the experts.

1.00 – 1.45

Seminar 3 (Room 1) – Demo review 1 (continued)

Seminar 4 (Room 2) – The PRS Presents: Creative forum
Writing & recording Hits A panel of songwriters & producers with a top ten track record discuss what it takes to create a hit. Chair: Andy Ellis (PRS), Lisa Maffia (via Emily), Peter Hoogsten (The Farm), Gaz Whelan (Happy Mondays), Mega (So Solid).

1on1 (Room 3)- One on One legal advice from the experts
Elliot Chambers (

2.00 – 2.45

Seminar 5 (Room 1) – “So You Wanna Be A Rock’n’Roll Star?”
Part I: Stealth development.
Development is an expensive business, so is it possible to make a shoestring budget work for you? Where does the burden of development now rest? ’With record companies increasingly looking for the ‘complete commodity’, what can artists do to propel themselves towards the holy grail of the record deal? Chair – Will Williams, Justin Schlosberg (Hell is For Heroes), Nick Burgess – (Senior A&R, Virgin), Kenny Mcgoff – A&R, EMI Publishing, Phil Catchpole – (A&R, Chrysalis), Hugh Murray – (A&R, Sony).

Seminar 6 (Room 2) – TRANSIT (Network Meeting)
Invite Only

3.00 – 3.45

Seminar 7 (Room 1) – TRANSIT (Network Meeting) (continued)

Seminar 8 (Room 2) – “So You Wanna Be A Rock’n’Roll Star?”
Part II: Making the right noises
Ok, so it’s time to take a walk on the wild side. You got the look, attitude, hunger and the sound, but most importantly of all, you’ve mastered the art of songwriting and you’ve nailed the recordings to prove it. Finally you’re ready to shout from thee rooftops, so whats your next move? Will Williams – Chair, Paul Moody (NME), Nick Burgess (Senior A&R, Virgin), Peter Macgauphrin (Clintons Law Firm), Kenny Mcgoff (A&R, EMI Publishing), Steve Zapp (Agent, ITB)

1on1 (Room 3) – Song Workshop
Peter Hoogsten (The Farm)

4.00 – 4.45

Seminar 9 (Room 1) – Working in the music industry: First steps
Katie Oxtoby, Stuart Belsham (PRS)

Seminar 10 (Room 2) -Building the UK gig framework
This meeting will bring focus on proposing a national structure where UK music organisations will work together on projects, share resources and develop a UK network to tour new bands.

1on1 (Room 3) – Seeking management advice?

5.00 – 5.45

Seminar 11 (Room 1) – Kim Fowley presents: breaking down the doors.
(learn how to go platinum in 1 hour!)

Seminar 12 (Room 2) – Exposing yourself: media mechanics
Gareth Thomas ( Music Journalist) Bern Leckie (The Storm), Greg Parmley (Hit Sheet), Jo Hart (Hart Media), David Balfour (Record Of The Day)

1on1 (Room 3) – Careers advice from our music recruitment guru Katie Oxtoby.

Sunday 19th Sept
1.00 – 1.45

Seminar 13 (Room 1) – Get in the ring: l
lace up your gloves and punch your weight with the industry pros. Artists have their say what they have a gripe with the industry. Two tables at each end of the room moderated by a chair man to allow a constructive debate. Peter Jenner – Manager (clash, pink floyd), Mark Jone (Wall of Sound MD), Ron Atkinson (former head A&R, 808 state manager) plus a panel of unsigned artists.

Seminar 14 (Room 2) – Sound Advice: going to market.
A DIY guide to getting your music out there.
– these days you gotta create a bit of a splash before your going get a
deal, a guide to self releases, gaining column inches and generating that buzz to make heads turn! Keith Mullin (The Farm, Honey Records), Chris Chincilla (Art Brut), Matt Booth (Crazeltown).

1on1 (Room 3)- Careers with the PRS

2.00 – 2.45

Seminar 15 (Room 1) – We did it our way
Musicians that have made it. Established and newly signed musicians tell us tales how they made it from The Mondays to Art Brut. Chris Chincilla (Art Brut), Guy Garvey Elbow, Peter Hoogsten (The Farm), Mark Shaw (Then Jericho)

Seminar 16 (Room 2) – Sound Advice
Rights and royalties. Where does the money come from & how? What happens when music is played on the radio, in a club or at a gig, & who is entitled to receive a payment? The various collecting societies reveal all by providing detailed information on how creators and artists generate, receive & manage their income. Andy Ellis (PRS), Jen Willis (MCPS), Jill Drew (PPL), Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (AURA), Will Lines (PAMRA)

1on1 (Room 3) Careers with PRS
Stuart Belsham (PRS)

3.00 – 3.45

Seminar 17 (Room 1) – Shaping the future of music.
The nature of the business is forever evolving, and with majors merging and consumption changing, what lies ahead? Keith Mullin (The Farm, Honey Records), Safta Jaffery – MD, SJP (Muse, Supergrass, John Leckie etc), Kenny Mcgoff (A&R, EMI Publishing).

Seminar 18 (Room 2) -War Child Music presents
Freebies & Firesales. How much music should we be giving away? James (Warchild), David McNicholas (Weed Radio), Keith Harris (Management-/ Music Tank)

1on1 (Room 3) – Careers with A&R scouts

4.00 – 4.45

Seminar 19 (Room 1) – Urban Music-JUMP OFF
A youth audience participation event. The aim is to provide artists a forum to showcase their music and their skills in front of industry professionals. By combining all the different facets of the urban genre into a single event we hope to create the ultimate entertainment spectacle.

– A Rap Battle – rappers battling similar to the Eminem “8 Mile” film.

– A Producer Battle – producer have 5 minutes on stage to create a beat.

– A Dance Battle

Seminar 20 (Room 2) -Dr Saxe’s Demo Surgery
Phil Saxe head of ITC A&R gets over. 2000 cds sent for ITC unsigned, this demo session starts with an intro to what’s goes into a demo that’s gets into the top of the pile and the process behind it, followed by a panel review of demos. Phil Saxe, Liam Walsh (Red Alert), Luke Mcgrellis – (A&R Director, Famous Music (BMG), Nik Moore (Playlouder), Caroline Elleray or Joe Etchells – (A&R, BMG Publishing), Lisa Southern – MD, Southern PR.

1on1 (Room 3) – Careers with Publishing

5.00 – 5.45

Seminar 21 (Room 1) – Urban Music
JUMP OFF (continued) link

Seminar 22 (Room 2) – Dr Saxe’s Demo Surgery

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