Fight Fight Fight

Always happy to see a bit of controversy at, there was a 3 band brawl mid-set on the downstairs stage of Glasswerk In the City on Sunday night. Three Liverpool bands from opposing camps (the managers are both editors of rival webzines) caused a ruckus late on at Dry Bar. All three bands had played the stage that night, and Day With Mary were the last ones to go on after enjoying a mini Liverpool scene takeover on the small stage. Details are hazy on what sparked it off and what actually occurred with rumours flying from both camps – but in all certainty a guitar was thrown at some one and a pile of bodies appeared in front of the stage mid song after high jinx from A Cult Called Karianna went a bit too far. Day With Mary’s roster buddies, the diminutive Cadium, were spotted piling in to lend a hand.

Is it safe to walk the streets of Liverpool or will this band war continue? Well Day With Mary and Cadium are off on tour so maybe it will blow over by the time they get back.

You can see Day With Mary and Cadium at the following dates for the remainder of the tour:

23rd Sept – Malsters Arms, Pontypridd
24th Sept – The Planet, Wolverhampton
25th Sept – The Duke, Neath
26th Sept – 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
1st October – The Krazy House, Liverpool*
3rd October – Barfly, Liverpool – Supporting Dopamine (Golf Records) #

*Day With Mary only
# Cadium only

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