Pink Grease in Warrington

Pink Grease; A glam punk disco to get your chills multiplyin’
(WA1 Bar 08/10/04)

More thrilling than Wolves versus the Saints, more entertaining than a Peter Kay cameo at a Star Sailor gig and certainly a better way to spend an evening than a dip in the Mersey, even though Sheffield’s Pink Grease at times replicate its murky nature. Rory Lewarne and his five peers descend upon Warrington to parade their pearls of sax and synth fuelled rock. Living up to the name of their much lauded debut album; ‘This Is For Real’ (out now on MUTE) and having frazzled festival goers at Leeds/Reading, Pink Grease are sure to have you bouncing round the dance floor like a flea on a floor of hot coals.

The much lauded and infectious previous single; ‘Fever’ is likely to feature prominently and has the potential to be the next Friday night anthem. This number is pitched somewhere between the emotional ferocity of The 80’s Matchbox B Line Disaster, the cushy elctronica of Ladytron plus a splash of the New York Dolls to give it that glamorous coating. These chaos inducers, who were formerly affectionately known as The Buttfuckers, could create a party atmosphere at somber settings like Old Trafford on a match day and the House Of Commons in summer recess, so the WA1 on a Friday night is the natural habitat for the steel city’s fun time boys.

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