“a soundtrack of stooges-like astro-rock, it's little short of a classic.”
NME 8 out of 10

“Even harder and definitely more driven than their last outing, in fact it’s hard to see how 'It’s Beyond Our Control' could be improved”

“A group marvellously oblivious to the outside world”
Q magazine

Those seduced by the sleazy, enigma-machine rattle'n'roll of Campag's debut 'Bon Chic Bon Genre' can rest easy.

After a stint as clubland cause celebres, they found their nadsat-heavy debut single 'Drencon Velocet Synthemesc' installed as an NME Single Of The Week in November '97 and their splenetic live performances heralded as the saving grace of a stagnant rock scene.

Their reward, an NME front cover, saw them dressed inevitably, in preparation for a fencing tournament.

Indeed. Anyone who doubts Campag's subversive cachet need only glance toward pop culture to trace their legacy. From the gritty realism of The Streets to the host of urchin-rock bands on the rise (Eighties Matchbox and The Others are all long-term fans)

Anyone doubting Campag's capacity to write sure-fire rock hits meanwhile should be directed at once to new single 'Vindictive Disco' which manages to incorporate a black-hearted lyricism Morrissey or Mark E.Smith would kill for: “Wet myself in a Bugger King/ Slipped a disc by the fag machine/Got chucked down the stairs again/Gone and cracked my head again…”

Campag Velocet. You know it. Those end-of-year polls won't know what's hit them.

Who Are The Trumping Men – UK Tour

Thursday 14th October
Cardiff Barfly

Friday 15th October
Concorde 2, Brighton

Saturday 16th October
Academy 2, Liverpool

Sunday 17th October
Venue: Jabez Clegg, 2 Portsmouth St, Manchester, M13 9GB

Monday 18th October
Academy 2, Birmingham

Tuesday 19th October
APU, Cambridge,

Wednesday 20th October
The Garage, London

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