Glasswerk Leeds Showcase

Glasswerk Leeds has their first Showcase gig this Sunday 10th October at Josephs Well featuring 5 great acts from Leeds, these showcases will be once a month and feature the best bands/acts in Leeds. The first showcase gig line-up is

The Bazaars – link
' Indie rock seen with the likes of The Cribs and The Blueskins'

The Research – link
'a one guy, two girl, 3-piece that play catchy tunes'

The Breech – link
'this is what Coldplay would sound like if they cheered up a bit and hit the distortion a little more often'

The Pocket Gods – link
'Formerly of pop sensations “The High Ones”, who had an underground hit with the summer pop classic “Sunny Day'

Benjamin Wetherill – link
'English & American folk music with the elegance, optimism, and subtle melancholy of pre-World War II jazz & pop'

Doors 6:30pm
£4 OTD

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