Playing For Real

The Global Battle of the Bands, the first-ever truly worldwide live talent competition for live pop and rock bands kicks off this autumn, 2004.

The Manchester regional show is at The Bier Keller in Manchester on 26th October. Entry is still open via link

The best bands from each of the regional shows will be selected to play the National Final, at London’s Mean Fiddler on 14th November.

The winner of the National Final will represent England in the World Final at London’s Astoria on 30th November.

The world winner receives $100,000, and you still have time to register.

Forget about artificial Pop Idol-style competitions and all the other glorified karaoke rubbish out there, this is the real deal with real bands playing real music … live. Encompassing all musical genres, The Global Battle of the Bands will strive to bring the best un-manufactured new talent in the world to a wider audience.

Only 2 rules; no covers and no pre-recorded music

For more information and registration details go to

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