Die, Die, Die So Fluid

Howling banshees roam to the distorted volume of spitting noise. Reverberating through viscous substances and worrying carrion left discarded in the wake of DIE SO FLUID.

Trailing across the country are the original party of three musical maestros with Grammy Awards, Top of the Pops appearances and soundtrack composing set aside to morph into the heinous apocalypse that is, creating of, the build upon, annihilation, that forms the sculptured form of DIE SO FLUID.

With songs that range from viscous aggression to napalm death destruction, the name pretty much describes what you can expect from the DSF live experience. Having released their debut full lengther in September of this year with various plaudits exalting the following statements:

“F@&k! DIE SO FLUID are good. They write songs with melody in abundance which groove and swing and sing like angry Suicide Girls bearing nail distressed baseball bats.”
Rocksound – Sept 04

“Spawn packs a devastating punch full of fractured, hypnotic beauty as singer Grog’s Siouxsie-laquered wail hits a throbbing wall of bloodied bass grooves and bare-knuckled guitar head on.”
Kerrang – Sept 04

“Spawn falls within the nu-metal genre but is elevated above the herd by virtue of being a) female led and b) made by people grown up enough to know there is more to rock than the gormless no-marks on MTV2 and Kerrang.”
The Independent – Aug 04

“The title track itself is on the flip side – all brute force and aggression with guitar boosts in the chorus creating much volumeage and knee trembling.”
Glasswerk.co.uk – August 04

See them live on a Glasswerk.co.uk sponsored tour at the following dates:

October 26th – Little Civic, Wolverhampton
October 27th – The Welsh Harp, Gloucester
October 28th – The Toll House, Bridgend. Supporting Maypole
Oct 30th – Bradford SU, Bradford
Oct 31st – White Horse, Wycombe – with Miasma
Nov 3rd – The Vine, Leeds*
Nov 5th – The Mill, Preston
Nov 8th – Barfly, Glasgow
Nov 11th – Barfly, Liverpool*
Nov 12th – Satans Hollow, Manchester
Nov 13th – Cellar Bar, Blackburn
Nov 14th – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
Nov 15th – The Archer, Newcastle
Nov 16th – Deva and Mail Club, Chester
Nov 18th– The Marquee, Hertfordshire
Nov 26th – Club 85, Hitchin, Essex

* tickets available from link £4 advance.

Note the change of venue in the Liverpool date

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