Byzantine/Gutworm hammer the metal back into Liverpool

Liverpool beware: metal is coming home to the house of rock, the Krazy House on Thursday 4th November. Byzantine and Gutworm are in town to give heavy metal a right old kick up the arse. Be afraid, be very, very afraid…


Byzantine have translated their interest in religion in American society, the idea of extraterrestrial life, and Southern history/heritage into an unorthodox brand of heavy music. The quartet’s debut full length, The Fundamental Component is characterized by long songs, melodic thrash and Tony Rohrbough’s scathing guitar solos while still embracing technical chaos and the violent groove of bassist Chris Adams and drummer Matt Wolfe.

Growing up in West Virginia has helped Byzantine develop a unique sound; without a dominating hometown scene dictating sound and style, Byzantine have been free to mold their fondness for bands like Testament and Meshuggah into a unique hybrid of melody, rhythm and aggression that is familiar and attractive without feeling regressive or clichéd.

Ultimately, Byzantine aren’t about this generation or that, progressive or retro, circle pits or floor punches, they’re about making solid albums and good heavy metal songs. Strong out of the gate and strong in the finish. As singer/guitarist Chris Ojeda says, “I think we have a knack for achieving a good balance of chaos and melody. Like the warthog chasing the butterfly.”

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From the bleak Northamptonshire backwaters, Gutworm started a noise that was felt all through the underground. By the end of 2000, the momentous thrust that had carried Gutworm all over the UK and across the pond brought them critical acclaim in the UK press and appearances with Lost Prophets, Sikth and Vacant Stare. Rabid reviews, a Total Rock interview and recognition from VH1's Tommy Vance brought more much welcomed attention.

After numerous legal wrangles, a brand new album was recorded in November 2003, with mastermind producer Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at the helm. Ruin the Memory was recorded at Priory Studios, Birmingham, England and is 10 tracks of brutal modern metal. This recording sums up the current state of, and sets the standard for, modern metal – classic ability fused with a modern aesthetic approach to song writing, with a production that fully delivers the legendary Gutworm live sound.

Metal Hammer once described their live show as “the musical equivalent to the feeling you get when you pull back the curtains first thing in the morning; an instant, unpleasant wake up call that leaves you dazed and disorientated for ages afterwards” (9/10 Camden Underworld).
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Support comes from Ogun (link) and Doll Face Losers (link)

Venue: Krazy House
Date: Thursday 4th November
Doors: 7:30pm

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