The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have launched a “Global Experiment in Unity” in a personal campaign against racism, spreading the message through a DVD chain letter. The DVD, entitled Eighty Degrees of Separation , will be the world's first.

150 DVDs carrying the band's anti-racism message have been released into the public at gigs on the band's UK tour this month. The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have urged fans to watch the DVD, log on to the band's website at link and enter their own ideas about how to fight racism, and pass the DVD along to someone who will do the same. Each DVD is individually numbered and chain members can track the progress of their own DVD through the site. The DVDs will be tracked until 14th February 2005, when the members of the longest chain will be awarded a prize.

“It's just us talking about what we're doing and how each individual can create change,” said singer Guy McKnight. “If the individual doesn't take responsibility for the future of the planet I don't know who we're expecting to do it.”

The project was partly inspired by bassist Sym Gahrial's own experiences with racism, when he was attacked by BNP supporters outside the venue of a Rock Against Racism gig the band played in Stoke.

“Even if you're fortunate enough not to experience it on your doorstep it's very real and it's happening now, ” said Guy McKnight. “The more people ignore it and think that it's not their problem, I can guarantee that we're going to have a much larger problem.”

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