Gaz Reynolds, a pop sensation from England, has released a new single 'Electric Kama Sutra' from his forthcoming album 'Orgazmic'. If Depeche Mode, Sash, Pet Shop Boys, Dead Or Alive, Aqua, Stephen Duffy, Duran Duran, Kylie, Human League got together & jammed, the music might sound a little like Gaz Reynolds.

Singing & writing from a young age, Gaz, now thirty something years old, is a seasoned songwriter. Some would describe his gift as “Maturity with a youthful edge”, but Gaz believes that art is art no matter what the age of the creator. Evidently, it is effective to start creating the art as early as possible. “I seemed to have a natural ability to write songs and music,” Gaz explains. “All the songs are autobiographical, what I mean by this is all the songs are about experiences and situations in my life. Writing and performing is my way of expressing myself & telling others about my life.”

Gaz Reynolds has been featured in countless music and internet magazines. He has appeared on a worldwide TV show broadcast in 64 countries to 135 million viewers. Gaz is also featured on just about every MP3 site on the planet. As if this wasn't enough he also has his own animated cartoon series called 'Gaz Wars' which can be viewed on his Web site

In a world of recycled, formulaic pop songs, there is a forgotten place deep in the woods of art, love & rock n' roll. This is where you will find Gaz Reynolds a pop sensation unlike any other who writes & performs all of his own material & even directs, edits & produces his own pop videos.

'Electric Kama Sutra' is available through

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