Never Mind The Imitators… Manc Legends the Buzzcocks Come Home!

Legends of the past present and future; ‘THE BUZZCOCKS’ will be electrifying the stage with their blistering Live Performance at Manchester Academy 2; Saturday, December 11th, on their ‘SECRET PUBLIC TOUR’ giving BUZZCOCK fan’s from far and wide a real treat by playing their most electric hits and their NEW NUMBERS! (They also promise a new record early 2005!)

mcr:music & Phil Jones present
Date: Saturday 11th December
Venue: Manchester Academy 2
Doors: 7:30 pm
Tickets: £15adv Box Office 0161 832 1111

Support bands: ‘EX THE SPECIALS/ FUN BOY 3’ NEVILLE STAPLE’ and ‘THE RAKES’ Search for free tickets and competition. link

‘THE BUZZCOCKS’ were the benchmarks of the punk/rock scene craze in 76/77, whilst headlining beside the ‘SEX PISTOLS’ and ‘THE CLASH’.
The guys made a big step of the independence within the music industry through financing their own EP ‘SPIRAL SCRATCH’, which personalised their signature as a band creating a massive following.
With their success they started to break away from the Pistol’s and the Clash’s rebellion to life and politics. They created a new out look with their music and began writing heart felt love songs as well as dismay to the modern world through signing to ‘UNITED ARTISTS’.

Three new albums were formed from then ‘ANOTHER MUSIC IN A DIFFERENT KITCHEN’, ‘LOVE BITES’ and ‘ANOTHER KIND OF TENSION’ in 78/79 and they were on the fourth, however the band split due to rock and roll happenings!

‘THE BUZZCOCKS’ eventually returned to each other’s arms after plentiful rumors of rekindling their love as ‘STEVE DIGGLE’ and joined by new rhythm section ‘TONY BARBER’ (bass) and ‘PHIL BARKER’ (drums), produced the critically acclaimed ‘TRADE TEST ADMISSIONS’ album and they were back on form! Which brings us up to date! ‘THE SECRET PUBLIC TOUR’!

You can buy their LATEST ALBUM featuring ‘JERK’, ‘FRIENDS’ and ‘CITY SICK SOMETIMES’ anywhere for more info look on mail

Alongside their wild punk pop rock frenzy are support bands ‘THE SPECIALS’ with ‘NEVILLE STAPLE’ eclectic artist who ranged from reggae roots and now to SKA! He is known as the Original Rude Boy and sure has some Rude Boy attitude as he returned from touring Japan and South America marking his 25th anniversary with ‘TWO TONE RECORDS’ by releasing his new album ‘RUDE BOY RETURNS’, which he produced himself. He is also known for playing with ‘FUN BOY 3’ and ‘SPECIAL BEAT’ and now ‘THE SPECIALS’, still keeping his attitude and spirit well and truly alive! link

Also the ‘RAKES’ will be ready to shoot with their guitars, as they are hot, hot, hot, performing ‘STRASBOURG’, ‘JUST GOT PAID’ and more. Playing at all the major cities, ‘ALAN DONOHOE’ – Vocals,’ MATTHEW SWINNERTON’ – Guitar, ‘JAMIE HORNSMITH’ – Bass, ’LASSE PETERSEN’ – Drums will be heating up the stage to the point of no return! For more info visit link

“They say that words are impotent but they can help us pay the rent” – Strasbourg”

All media interested in running features or competitions in support of this show should contact Lee 0161 907 0028
OR Rebecca Scales 0161 228 0091
Prizes include albums and guest tickets.

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