There's Blood On Yer Hands

Seattle high-tempo punk-metallers The Blood Brothers return to the UK next week for a five-date stint to spread the word about their fourth and latest full-length release, ‘Crimes’, which dropped last month.

Fans of The Blood Brothers will know that their shows are not so much a performance as an experience with dual vocalists Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney owning the stage, floor, top of speakers, well pretty much whichever flat surface they can find. Angry, colourful lyrics and a penchant for vivid, sometimes even slightly disturbing imagery set these Brothers apart from the rest of the hardcore siblings. As for their unique sound, words like eccentric, dissenting, experimentational…are all adjectives which could quite comfortably be applied here, a vibe which they have cultured since their appearance on the Northwest hardcore-punk scene way back in 1997.

Their exhausting live show promises to now be even better, the Brothers claim, after their creation of more performance-friendly music – just as downright knackering, but perhaps even more fun, and somewhat more melodic than their past endeavours. If you’ve never before seen The Blood Brothers live, be sure to pack the Paracetamol. It’s gonna be a blinder.

18th November – Josephs Well, Chorley Lane. £6 adv

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