Transmission0 Hitting their way to the Uk

Incorporating heavy music with a soundscape influenced edge, transmission0 come out of the ashes of dutch hardcore band Reveal. With the break up of this band in 2001 guitarist Mischa van Rodijnen and bassplayer Dave van Beek decided it was time for a new chapter in their musical career. Being both big metalfans, but also fans of bands like Sonic youth and the Cure, they decided to try and link up these 2 styles of music in their songs.

This connection creates an atmosphere that, on one hand, is very heavy and has its roots in metal music, yet retains a musical tranquillity that is born out these varied textures. Following on from their debut ‘0’,released in the summer of 2004 on Go-Kart records, the band will be hitting their way to the UK during their extensive European tour with The End (Relapse).

Tour Dates

03.12.2004 Nottingham @ The Old Angel
04.12.2004 London @ Barfly
05.12.2004 Exeter @ Cavern
06.12.2004 Manchester @ Satan’s Hollow
07.12.2004 Glassgow @ Barfly
08.12.2004 Leeds @ The Basement
09.12.2004 Swindon @ The Vic Inn (not confirmed yet)

MetalHammer Germany, Terrorizer, RockSound UK, all agree that transmission0 have something new to bring to the metal scene, and one can only see them as a big promise for the future.

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