Not for the faint hearted… Selfish C*nt pillage Manchester on the 2nd

VmanEvents Presents

Selfish C*nt + TVH-3 + The Henry Martini Rifles + Strawdogs.

Thu, Dec 2nd @ DRY BAR, Oldham St, Manchester, 7.30pm, entry £5.

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Raging out of London's guerrilla gig scene that has spawned The Libertines, Wolfman and The Others, Selfish C*nt have emerged with a sound as original and shocking as their name. First coming to prominence by chucking horseshit over Pete Doherty outside Buckingham Palace, the duo are making a name for themselves musically with provocative, stripped down singles 'Britain Is Shit/ Fuck
The Poor' and 'Authority Confrontation' preceding landmark debut album 'No Wicked Heart Shall Prosper'.

Despite being a guitar/drums duo, don't expect to hear a retro chart-friendly White Stripes sound. Selfish C*nt produce a sound every bit as loud but you won't hear these avant-punk anthems on CD:UK. In fact, you won't hear them in the many UK venues that have, in their wisdom, banned their incendiary live set. Ah yes, the Selfish C*nt live set has to be seen to be believed, where these songs dealing with topics such as fascism and gay-bashing are brought to life by frontman Martin Tomlinson's charismatic and visually shocking stage persona. Make your own mind up and catch them live before they implode, explode or before they have to knock your front door down to get a gig.

“Selfish C*nt are more heavy and intense than any fucking 37 Marshall stack BC Rich Warlock-playing longhairs who prop up dying rock phenomena like the Download Festival or Ozzfest… Wow, this is amazing. London's finally burning
again.” Andy Capper, NME

“… the harshest slab of rock and roll to be heard this year, it melds
malfunctioning drum machines to distorted guitars that even Steve Albini would call too extreme, and manages to sound like a strange mix of The Sex Pistols, The Pop Group and Carter USM, and what's even scarier is that it works… Primal. Edgy. Dangerous. Selfish Cunt are all these things and more” Alex Wisgard, Drowned in Sound

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