Glasswerk Bach in Wales


New music promoters are returning back to North Wales after taking some time out to reorganise their promotions team for North Wales. Glasswerk opens up a new era in North Wales music with a launch night at Vanilla Lounge, Rhyl on the 17th December – headlining is the hot welsh export and obviously bizarre David Wrench in the live room and Lee Ellis (Cream Resident) in the dance room. David Wrench loves his synthesizers and his brand of electronica leans heavily on the eighties forefathers such as Human League, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell and the Eurythmics but brings a modern sound to it all. Wrench and his band recently supported British Sea Power on their UK tour with much critical acclaim. The NME wet themselves and said this:

“Manchester 2004 has Storm Records – home of tonight's support act David Wrench. As he takes the stage at the Academy 3, it's clear that Wrenchy is some presence. A 6 ft 5in albino dude of Welsh/Viking extraction, he is wearing an immaculate white leather suit, flanked by voluptuous keyboard lady Mary and elfin guitar man Hywel. Over his rural synth pop he gives bittersweet dissection of the British Isles, “From Land's End to the Shetland Isles…from St Kilda to the Serpentine”. Tonight BSP must rise to the challenge.”

Supporting in the live room are local heroes Riesen, Gintis, Ethergy and The Reads while banging ‘da rhythms out in the dance room are Zeb, Chris Hughes and Bigfill.

Two rooms, 2 slices of the action – doors are at 8pm and its £3 door tax.

David Wrench – A Brief History
Please note that all of this is 100% true.

He is of Viking descent.
The Wrench ancestors were castle builders, and are responsible for most of the castles in North Wales.
He spent his early childhood obsessed with maps and the construction of dams.
At the age of 10 he started playing piano, and got into modern classical music. At this time he hated pop music (apart from “video killed the radio star” by Buggles).
Spent his teenage years avoiding sports lessons, reading Aldous Huxley and masturbating.
Discovered pop music at the age of 14, when he heard the Smiths.
Lost his virginity in a graveyard on the Menai Straights.
Formed his first group NID MADAGASCAR in 1989 and released a 12” single on OFN records. The first Welsh language ACID house track. Sold out in a week and appeared on Welsh TV and Radio 1.
Went to University to study Physics and Music and took a lot of LSD.
Took LSD before a music practical exam, consequently got thrown out of University.
He then has a two-year memory loss. He is informed that during this time he dyed his hair bright blue and took to drinking moldy custard.
Did some gigs with a whole bouquet of flowers down his shirt. Kept worrying the rest of his band (who he made dress up as giant sunflowers) by falling off the stage regularly.
Spent a year wearing leggings and hot pants, and hitching all round Britain.
Landed a job as a councilor for students with problems.
Had to train people how to give sex/drug education talks.
Took lots of Speed and had lots of sex.
Did soundtracks to experimental films.
Moved back to North Wales and got sent on a management course by the dole.
Got thrown off for being too wasted.
Became obsessed with Bob Dylan.
Got an acting job as a Celtic Warrior.
Tried and failed to make his own shoes and so, he started doing music again.
Accidentally got booked to do a children’s party. The curtain went back, he kicked up a Front 242 style racket, and all the children burst into tears. They had to be calmed down with Timmy Mallet.
Got a job in the theatre, and got a grip on his Dylan obsession.
Formed a band where no one was allowed to play an instrument that they had ever played before.
Did 3 British tours supporting Gorkys Zygotic Mynci.
Joined a band called THE SERPENTS, with various people including Gruff (super furries) Will Sergent (echo and the bunnymen) and Catalina Guirado (I’m a celebrity get me out of here)
Blagged his way into a job as a sound engineer.
Got really into Single Malt Whisky.
Produced records for Zabrinski, Wendykurk, Adom and MC Mabon.
Engineered records for The Blueskins, Julian Cope, Jackie Leven, David Thomas, British Sea Power,the Archie Bronson Outfit, Ian McCulloch, Ectogram and tons of others.
Became obsessed with synthesizers, and saw that the ability to master them would lead to a life of debauchery.

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