The Unsigned Guide Greater London 2005 Edition is the only music industry contacts directory researched and compiled specifically for unsigned and emerging bands based in and around Greater London.

The Unsigned Guide Greater London 2005 Edition contains 6,000 music industry contacts across 640 pages – from rehearsal rooms and recording studios to record companies and publishing companies. Every organisation listed has been individually contacted and a paragraph of text added to the relevant entry which identifies exactly what each company or organisation has to offer unsigned and emerging bands and musicians.

Along with the detailed directory listings, every section of The Unsigned Guide includes a foreword written by the Musicians' Union and other music industry professionals. The BBC OneMusic team have also provided some excellent advice regarding many important aspects of the UK music industry. The MCPS-PRS Alliance have also included a hugely useful Question & Answer section, which features some of the MCPS-PRS Alliance's most frequently asked questions. Also included is the PRS Music Universe chart which is an essential music industry resource, particularly for unsigned and emerging bands who are new to the industry. Along with a full UK road map and mileage chart, a London Underground tube map and a music industry diary, The Unsigned Guide Greater London 2005 Edition is quite simply one of the most essential purchases for any aspiring band, manager or industry professional.

'A must buy for any band.'
BBC Radio 1 – OneMusic

Music Week

'There's inside information here for anyone to claw their way to success.'

'Meticulously written & researched.'
Future Music Platinum Award

'Intelligently laid out. a comprehensive resource for all aspiring artists, whatever musical genre they're involved in.'
HipHop Connection

'The Unsigned Guide contains every contact you will ever need.'
Guitarist Magazine

Glasswerk says:
“if you are in a band or about to be in a band, you need The Unsigned Guide. This is your bible. Love it, care for it and carry it around with you – this info-crammed book will tell you where to go and who to go to as you embark upon your musical quest. There's a UK listing of Record Companies, Publishing Companies, Management Companies and Media as well as a map of London Underground, a portrayal of the Music Universe and masses of hints and tips. The hard part is done for you, all you have to do is write great songs. So what better place to start off a career in the Music Industry than grabbing a copy of The Unsigned Guide and having a good look at page 374….”

The Unsigned Guide Greater London 2005 Edition is available to buy online at link priced £33.50 + P&P.

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