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Georgia G from Weapons Of Mass Belief is gonna be a guest speaker at the Oxford University Debating Society Union on 3rd Feb against Jonathan Aitkin MP and others – on Prison Reform. The bands new single 'Black Line Ninja' produced by Damain Taylor – The Prodigy, Bjork, UNKLE (is out Feb 28th). Georgia wrote it when she herself was banged up in prison at 21.

Whilst in prison Georgia began translating her poetry into rap and she did her first live performance with the Yardie prostitutes from the prison farm. The single 'Blackline Ninja' and the lyrics are about drugs and death – inspired by Georgia's having witnessed so many young women with incredible potential jacking up smack during their time inside and hastening their own deaths.

The NME say : “Sounds like both Eminem and Supergrass playing at the same time”

Official Site : link

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