A Drop In The Ocean

I was going to do a feature on this ere charity event A Drop In The Ocean in aid of the Tsunami disaster, listing the whole event and maybe mentioning a few select acts. But really, I can’t – really there are too many.

On 30th January 2005 what started as 50 Nottingham bands has now spread to a city wide event playing at venues across the city under the banner of ‘A Drop In The Ocean’ to raise money for the Tsunami appeal.

Full Line-up is as follows:

5 Broadway, the Lace Market, NG1 1PR
Tel: 0115 950 5359
£4 on the door, 9pm til midnight
Capacity: 450

The split-levelled temple of all that is cutting-edge and chilled to perfection would be worth a visit even if the only musical accompaniment on offer was a monkey banging on a saucepan. They’ve done much better than that – they’re opening their doors for a night of cool Jazz and blistering Cuban beats. Mas Y Mas kick off the proceedings at 9pm, followed by Shod Club at 10.30.


9 Byard Lane, the Lace Market, NG1 2G
Tel: 0115 988 6830
£4 on the door, noon til midnight
Capacity: 550
One of the Lace Market’s most popular and cutting-edge venues is renowned for its funky eclectic vibe, as demonstrated by the split-level set on offer throughout the day. Tribute bands, jazz, funk, acoustic – it’s all here, all day, into the night.
Live stage:
12.00 – The Great Escape
1.00 – Richie Muir
2.00 – Fab Four
3.00 – Roy de Wired
4.00 – Rolling Clones
5.00 – Joe Strange
6.00 – Vinyl Years
7.00 – J Groove
8.00 – Urban Intro
9.00 – Grain
10.30 – Mood Indigo
Funky Way
Rough Music
Sticky Morales
The Tourettes


126 Lower Parliament Street, NG1 2EH
Tel: 07977430278
£4 on the door, 6pm til midnight
Capacity: 400
Off-centre in location, out-there in attitude, The Edge breaks from its traditional role as a house music stronghold to deliver a firing line-up of premiership Reggae artistry too powerful for just one room.

Room One
V-Rocket and Millennium Squad
Room Two
Mr Jam
Joe Budda
Soul Man
Bertie B


105 Mansfield Road, NG1 3FN
Tel: 0115 947 2843
£4 on the door, 5pm til 10.30pm
Capacity: 192
Long established as a mainstay in the Nottingham folk and acoustic scene (and a Real Ale outpost), Some of the venue’s most popular artists are combining for the event – the Fleece All-Stars perform from 5pm – and local Irish folk favourites Kelly’s Heroes round off the evening from 9pm.


6 Ilkeston Road, Canning Circus, NG7 3GE
Tel: 0115 9116959
£4 on the door, 5pm til midnight
Capacity: 200
Renowned for its patronage of esoteric acts from all over the world and as a proving ground for local youngbloods, Junktion 7 is an essential venue on the city’s indie/rock circuit – and they’ve assembled a veritable eight-band smorgasbord of rock, funk, hip hop and punk…
Main Stage:
5.00 – Urban Gypsy
5.45 – Kingsize Operator
7.15 – New Generation Superstars
8.45 – Burning Man
9.30 – Hinterland
10.30 – The Magic Heroes
DJ Battle:
Nottingham High Society v Nottingham Band Society
(Extra acts TBC)


16 St James's Street, NG1 6FG
Tel: 0115 941 1048
£20 on the door *, 11am til 7pm
Capacity: 190
One of Nottingham’s best-kept secrets (with some seriously twisted Victorian architecture), the Malt Cross is steadily gaining a reputation as one of the city’s most eclectic venues. They’ll be hosting a very special programme of classical and acoustic music featuring some of the finest exponents of the art out city has to offer.
11am Magdala Choir
12pm Highly Strung (String Quartet)
1pm John Carson and Ben Kelly (Jazz/Flamenco guitar), Bovril Sisters
2pm Sarah Watts (Bass Clarinet)
* Malt Cross has now been set at £20 to include a champagne breakfast. The tickets for this venue are already going fast so please call 0115 9417250 to reserve them.
all attendees will receive a wristband permitting free entry to all other venues bar Rock City and the Top Spot


116-22, Goose Gate, NG1 1FF
Tel: 0115 959 9777
£4 on the door, 8pm til midnight
Capacity: 320
Cooler than the other side of the pillow (but without the poseyness, dress code or attitude), the Market Bar’s DJ sets are one of the jewels in the crown of Nottingham’s nightlife – and their Sunday evening set of Funky House features top-drawer turntable tomfoolery from Matt Tolfrey (Fabric) and D. Ramirez (Slave Records) – guaranteed to rock an entire council estate of houses.


7 Stoney Street, NG1 1LG
Tel: 0115 950 2303
£4 on the door, 4pm til 10.30
Capacity: 110
The lovable bit-of-rough black sheep of Hockley’s bar scene presents a soiree of musical entertainment the only way it knows how; hardcore scuzz turned up to eleven. And then twelve.
4.30 – End Of Reason (nee Spoonfed)
5.15 – Maine
6.00 – Army Of Flying Robots
6.45 – Legion Of Doom
7.45 – The Smears
8.45 – Sanzen
9.45 – Old Basford

The Unitarian Church, High Pavement, NG1 1HN
Tel: 0115 958 6081
£4 on the door, 8pm til midnight
Capacity: 660
One of the city’s most unique (and popular) bars is a must-visit for day-trippers, locals and everyone else. The Herb Birds give it some proper acoustic from 8.30, and The Phonics pay tribute to the Stereophonics from 10 – both assisted by the incredible acoustics and framed by the original fixtures and fittings that make the Pitcher & Piano a highlight of the city’s bar scene.

8 Talbot Street, NG1 5GG
Tel: 0115 941 2544
£10 on the door*, 3pm til midnight
Capacity: 2250
The long-time king of local music venues comes through big style with a devastating all-dayer. Firstly, they’re giving up the stage to an eight-strong line-up of local bands (and if you’ve seen them tear the roof off the local pub or community centre, wait til you see them take it to the next level). Secondly, they’ve secured the services of Bent, and Six By Seven. Look out for further announcements…
The Magic Heroes
Punish The Atom
Hellset Orchestra
Amusement Parks On Fire
Lo Ego
Six By Seven
Shooting Victor Francis
More acts TBC
*This event carries a special charge of £10 – all attendees will receive a wristband permitting free entry to all other venues bar the Malt Cross and the Top Spot

16 Alfreton Road, Canning Circus, NG7 3NG
Tel: 0115 978 7398
£4 on the door, noon til 5pm
Capacity: 140
The long-time champion of Blues artists and local talent is one of the city’s most treasured venues – and they’ve come through big style with a supreme demonstration as to why it’s so cherished in Nottingham. Colin Staples has assembled the top rank of local Blues crooners, all of whom will have woke up that morning to find their women have left them especially for the event.


23 Pelham Street, NG12ED
Tel: 0115 950 5078
£4 on the door, noon til midnight
Capacity: 330
The top rank of Nottingham Hip-Hop assemble mob-handed at the city’s most leftfield bar in a 12-hour demonstration of lyrical and turntabular finesse that will prove – once again – Nottingham’s undisputed status as the new stronghold of UK Hip-Hop.
Apoc (Main Rock)
BC400 (Buttercuts)
Betamax Crew
Big Trev presents Notts Inna Nuttin;
(Shifty Spirit, Dougie Hauser, Elroy, Shenade, Ventrola, L1, Ritual)
Blu Monkey (Dealmaker Records)
C.O.L.D. (Dealmaker Records)
C-Mone (Son Records)
Cappo (Zebra Traffic)
Change (Main Rock)
Dubfella (Camouflage)
DJ Rubbish (Barry’s Bootlegs)
The Elementz (EU)
Iron Bridge (Main Rock)
Johnny Crump (Dealmaker Records)
Karizma & Foz (Dealmaker Records)
Ken Fader
Kids In Tracksuits (Camouflage)
Lady Paradox (Main Rock)
Lee Ramsey (Margaboys)
The Lost Project (Dealmaker Records)
Non-Thespian (Dealmaker Records)
Oh My Gosh
P Brothers (Heavy Bronx)
The Petebox
Stylee Cee (Son Records)
T-Cutt (Camouflage)
Windows 78 (Camouflage)
Woody 777 (18 Stone)
More special guests to be confirmed


Masonic Place, Goldsmith Street, NG15JT
Tel: 0115 9580672
£4 on the door, 6pm until 2am
Capacity: 660
The newest and freshest club on the block delivers a two-room set of DJs that also doubles up as the official after-party venue, running until 2am. Already firmly established as one of the essential heartlands of the UK underground, expect a blazing multi-selector line-up
that will keep heads ringing well into the wee hours of Monday morn.
Detonate room
Transit Mafia
Lowkey & Lynkx
Ollie K
Agent Orange & Dizasta
Husk & Ruse
Juma Phist
Spectrum room
Vigi (Streetwise Recordings)
High Eight (Connect Records)
Mike Hogan (Breakspoll)
Hexadecimal (Heavy Disco)
Max Hedroom (Mondo Records)
Michael Morph (Boombox)
Pete Jordan (Spectrum)
Max Cooper (Firefly)
Marc Reck (Headway)
Freeman (Fletcher’s Bar)


10 Thurland Street, NG1 3DR
Tel: 0115 941 8505
£4 on the door, 8pm til midnight
Capacity: 200
One of the most beloved bars in town has done us proud. Not only are they reviving their ever-popular Lounging session – an uplifting masterclass in vocal, soulful House music featuring Hed Kandi’s Danny Butt and Antonio Vendone – they’re also donating all profits made from the night. Get battered on a Sunday night with a clear conscience!

27 Broad Street, Hockley, NG13AP
Tel: 0115 959 0007
£4 on the door, noon til midnight
Capacity: 100
The hippest little venue on Broadway showcases a slew of Notts artists right across the musical spectrum. From rock to acoustic and all points in between, it’ll be a festival within a festival (with better toilet facilities, obviously)
12 noon – Herbz of Sound
12.30 – Camilla and Lance
4.00 – Free Slave
4.30 – Jonathan Beckett

5.00 – Sarah Bard’s Little Brown Bag
6.00 – Left of the Dealer
6.30 – DJ Krazzy Mule
7.30 – Fonco
8.30 – Blu Monkey
9.00 – Teka
10.00 – Mister Shifter
11.00 – Dog Bonser and the Disco Finger

It’s not only kicking off in town – some of the finest bars and clubs on the outskirts of Nottingham have been kind enough to donate their services…

The Triangle, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7
Tel: 0115 932 3137
£4 on the door, 8 til 11
Even Ilkeston are representing! One of Derbyshire’s premier pub venues, the Davy Lamp
is putting on a special performance by local 60s & 70s nine-piece
powerhouse The Station from 8pm.

462 Radford Road, Basford, NG7
Tel: 0115 970 3777
£4 on the door, 8.30pm til 10.30pm
Standing in the shadow of Shippo’s, the Horse and Groom is a long-time promoter
of live music in Basford, and are presenting regular favourites Shades of Blue.


1 Bridgford House, Trent Bridge, West Bridgford, NG2 6AN
Tel: 0115 945 5541
£4 on the door, 9pm til midnight
A touch of modernism by the side of the Trent, South Bank is Bridgford’s premier acoustic venue as well as being the Southside’s student and sports fiend’s mecca. Joe Strange starts us off at 9pm, and The Richie Muir Band make a special appearance at 11.

NVAC, 7 Mansfield Road, NG1 3FB
Tel: 0115 934 8499
£4 on the door, 7pm til 11.30pm
Nottingham’s most accessible arts venue is presenting an evening of poetry and performance art with all profits going to A Drop In The Ocean. The evening kicks off with performances from members of the DIY Poets collective, followed by new readings from Dave Wood directly affected by the tsunami disaster. The rest of the evening showcases a variety of performance art by Katie Doubleday, Elsa bau Brownfoot and Tina Carter. The Gallery will also be host to a number of donated artwork, the proceeds from the sale of which will go directly to the Drop In The Ocean fund.


329-331 Carlton Hill, Carlton NG4 1JE
Tel: 0115 961 3673
£5 on the door or in advance*, 7.30 until 11pm
Carlton’s showpiece cabaret venue presents an unmissable evening of tribute acts. Vogue provide a note-perfect tribute to Madonna from the early 80s until the present day, while The Conmitments have been praised as the very best in their field for Motown and Stax covers.
* As the Top Spot is a membership club, wristbands will not secure free entry. £5 charge includes free drink.


9 North Road, the Park, N67 1HG
Tel: 0115 947 5215
£4 on the door, 8pm til 11pm
If the frantic atmosphere of town is too much for you, the rural splendour of the Park is a mere walk away – and there’s no better place to spend a lazy Sunday than Walton’s. Local solo artists Ronnie Scott (8pm) and Richie Muir (10pm) will provide the perfect accompaniment, presenting contemporary classics with an acoustic twist.

Extra venues to be confirmed. All acts subject to change.

See link for more info.

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