28 Costumes Headline February TGWCD at Jabez

tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE returns for another year with another amazing lineup. With talent from Manchester to Macclesfield, Preston to Prestwich and topped off by those cosmic Liverpudlians 28 Costumes, tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE continues to be the finest showcase for emerging talent in the North West.



For Tomorrows
The Shmatte Kid
The Wandering Step
Gideon Conn

+ DJs from 50 Leaves til 2am.
Thursday, February 17th 2005 @ Jabez Clegg, Manchester. £4 / £5, 8pm.


28 Costumes link
28 Costumes released their wonderfully weird and critically adored debut album “The Fake Death Experience” on Spank Records late last year and if there's any justice, they can expect to join fellow scouse sonic magicians The Coral and The Zutons at the top of the pop tree. Live, these beautifully crafted songs of astonishing stylistic, melodic and emotional variety come into their own and the 28 Costumes live experience is probably best summed up in their own words: “Expect to see a magical energy fruit fuelled assault of slightly off kilter pop songs that will be the best half an hour of your day”. 'Nuff said. Go see.

“This is like the crazy compilation your mad aunt would send you if you were stranded on a desert island with five ill-informed albums choices… Quite breathtaking. 4.5/5” Theo Berry- gigwise.com

“There's something special here. 4/5” Michael Diver-drownedinsound.com

“One of the finest albums produced this year.” Paul M- soundxp.com

For Tomorrows link
A Macclesfield based power-trio; the For Tomorrows boast two great frontmen and a drummer with the spirit of Keith Moon in his veins. With a unique mix of blues, punk, post-rock and pop, it's easy to see why the band are one of the best loved bands in the area with their exhilarating, energetic live shows.

“Great songs… punchy pop punk, taking in elements of progressive rock, synthesizers and early Beatles, all delivered in a rasping voice with the earnestness of heart-on-sleeve post Hardcore.” Alex Ringsell- manchestermusic.co.uk

The Shmatte Kid mail/
A group of Salford music students producing hazy, lo-fi, indie tunes that
have drawn comparisons to the likes of Athlete. Winners of the High Voltage Demo of the Month and fronted by a superb singer, these lads may well take up the mantle of quirky, student indie faves vacated long ago by Gomez

“This rough demo does point towards a bright future… there are loads of great quirky interesting bits- Demo of the Month.” Richard Cheetham-highvoltage.org.uk

The Wandering Step link
From that hotbed of mid-western country n' rockabilly, er… Preston, The Wandering Step bring a uniquely Lancastrian take to their influences. One-time signings to that Mecca of musical eccentricity Deltasonic, expect lassoings of twangy guitars, charming melodies and skiffle.

“The 'Step funnel all of their indie inspired guitar work into something that nods as much to sun baked outback country and western as it does the Houghton Weavers and come up with a remarkably infectious and heartwarming twang. MMMM” JA- manchestermusic.co.uk

Gideon Conn – Vman's One to Watch link
A world of music, a life of art from Prestwich. “mancunian genius”

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