Hyper Punk BOB

Hyperpunk Battle of the Bands 2005
Based at the Deva & Mail Club, Chester on Tuesday nights during January, February and March 2005.
£3.00 entrance. Doors 7:30. Results by 10:45.
16+ Photo ID required.

The Hyperpunk Battle of the Bands is in its second year. After a shaky start at Central Station in November 2003, it was moved to the Deva & Mail Club in Station Road, Chester in January 2004 where it flourished with easier access to a wider range of bands and their fans.

There were six heats of four bands last year as this year. The semi finals are made up from six heat winners and the best two highest scoring non heat winners. The first and second band from each semi final goes through to the final.

The first prize is the Hyperpunk Trophy, £300 in cash. In addition there is a day’s recording at Whitby Studios in Ellesmere Port, donated by Ian Lewis of Whitby Studios.
The second prize is £100 cash.
Third prize £75.00 cash.
Fourth prize £50.00 cash.

With a lot to play for in the top prize, we expect the competition to be fierce and the bands playing their absolute best. We have a promise from link to send a representative to the semi finals.

This should be the best Battle of the Bands in the area, encompassing bands from Wirral, North Wales and Cheshire. Make it a must see!

Bands performing in the heats are:

Away from Home
25th Jan 2005
Pop Punk Emo, for the lads to mosh and the girls to sing along. Recently played Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield

Beehive Project
25th Jan 2005
Subbuteo Rock? Supported The Others in Cardiff and Northern Tour, soon to play 5 gigs in Australia.

Fuelled by Fortune
25th Jan 2005
Pop-Punk-Rock. One year writing songs and one win at a Battle of the Bands in Central Station.

Sitting Idol 25th Jan 2005
Punk Rock. Politically motivated punk, originally doing covers but now their own material.

1st Feb 2005
Metal, rock. About a year old and developing from covers into their own material.

Ocean Island Collapse
1st Feb 2005
Rock with a hint of blues and jazz. Local gigs and the Barfly, Liverpool.

1st Feb 2005
Indie Rock. Going two years. Having performed at the Liverpool Academy and the Limelight now looking further afield.

Plum Loco
1st Feb 2005
Alt Rock / Metal. Three CDs and supported Million Dead and Breed 77. A must see for bass lead music fans.

8th Feb 2005
Rap Metal. Good fun and expert crowd pleasers backed by solid musical ability, and a gorgeous female singer.

Morbid Curiosity
8th Feb 2005
Metal Rock. Recently formed by experienced musicians now performing their own material to good effect.

8th Feb 2005
Rock / Metal. Formed January 2004 after Five Days of Static stopped, performed Chester, Ellesmere Port.

Pete Did it First
8th Feb 2005
An unusual band, formed about 18 months ago, now without bass player Dee, specialises in vocal harmony.

Drive by Suicide
15th Feb 2005
Alt Rock. Played Mid Wales extensively including concert with Jape and The Keys.

Flightless Phoenix
15th Feb 2005
Classic Rock. Formed late 2003, played Chester to massive acclaim, one of the few bands to get a 5/5 from our reviewer.

15th Feb 2005
Rock. The Nation have played extensively in Chester, Liverpool and Cheshire, Chris’s method of transport is a Viking long ship.

Shredded Beat
15th Feb 2005
Funk, Metal. Formed just over a year ago, played ten or so gigs, tight set and good live performance.

1st Mar 2005
Melodic Emo. Formed September 2003, very much in demand, finals of last years BOTB, should have won?

1st Mar 2005
Rock. Played in and around N. Wales for two years, biggest audience 3000 people in the main hanger at RAF Valley!

Somehow Heros
1st Mar 2005
Punk Rock. Were in last years BOTB under another name, three vocalists make for attractive sound.

1st Mar 2005
Funk Rock, Art Rock. In heavy demand locally, played Liverpool and Ellesmere Port, a different sound.

8th Mar 2005
Metal core, Emo, Punk. Played over 60 gigs in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Liverpool and Wrexham. Energetic good performers.

Another Three Minutes
8th Mar 2005
Metal? Played Buckley, Wrexham and Mancot developing further afield.

Home Coming
8th Mar 2005
Pop Punk. Played the Wirral and Cornwall and Birmingham over the past two years.

8th Mar 2005
Rock n Roll. Played Limelight in Crewe and Late Room in Manchester and live on Halton FM.

The semi finals are booked to be on the 15th March, 22nd March with the final being on the 29th March.

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