Two rasping rock bands have been attracted to the lure of the welcoming Dry Bar (Manchester) and homely Magnet (Liverpool) venues on 22/02/2005 and 26/02/2005, respectively. The bold Warringtonian sextet; The Bridge is riding high at the moment coming off the back of a packed out show in their hometown, at the WA1 Bar recently. Guitarist and crowd coaxer of the outfit; the mercurial Mike Bee, in his own words sets out why you should check out the spectacle of a live The Bridge show;

“I think our live show is 100 percent better then anything we've put to disk yet, so as I said that's the next challenge. I don't think there's any band that sounds like us around, so whether you love it or hate it, if you don't move your feat you must be ill. Picture a dance-off in the middle of a mini riot. Failing that we have some of the best looking female fans around.”

Tempted? Add to that, the fact that the aptly entitled garage rock pounder 'Saturday Night' that is the band's potential anthem might be aired around the tight venue. There is also that hint of unpredictability to the band that was epitomised at their recent Manchester gig in the Tmesis Bar, where front man Robert Gough was not happy at the quality of the other bands performances that he berated them in a song. Not often you here about bands being heckled from the stage, as oppose to off it, is it?

If you are still standing after a powerful The Bridge display then signed act Crash Convention who is one of the bands blessed picking up the pieces after the dissolution of The Libertines. Cockney crashing indie is delivered with pride and passion, as the boisterous Carl Barat approved quartet are in the city to promote forthcoming single; 'Watch Committee/Thick As Thieves'. This is every reason Get up there, get down in the pit and get involved!

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