Another Case Of The Zuton Fever?

The Zutons have revealed plans for their second album, though they admit they’re in no hurry to record it.

The band, who are currently touring in America, explained they don’t want to rush the follow-up to ‘Who Killed The Zutons?’ but insist fans won’t have to wait too long.

“It's not going to turn into a five-year waiting thing,” Dave McCabe told MTV, “but you never know if it could be this year or the start of next year, because you've got to get it right. There's no point putting out a second record that you know is not as good as the first.”

The band admitted they’ve being demoing songs on a minidisc while touring, with McCabe explaining that new songs are proving familiar yet different.

“I think the second album will be a moving-on thing,” said the singer. “It'll have the trademark things, but it's definitely going to move on. We're not going to be like a lot of bands where they put out an album soon after and it's kind of like the first one.”

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