The Futurehead's top and bottom covers

The Futureheads unleash their angular pop-punk rendition of Kate Bush’s classic ‘Hounds of Love’ 25th February 2005. A staple of their live set for some time now, ‘Hounds of Love’ is an inspired showstopper of a tune from a band hitting their creative stride as never before.

Check the Hounds of Love video here in Real Player link or here link in Windows Media Player.

They now give us the low down on their top five rated cover versions and with that, five tunes that don’t quite cut the mustard… Agree? Disagree? Discuss….

The Futureheads Top Five Cover Versions

1) The Clash 'Police and Thieves': Absolute classic cover version! It completely nails everything about the [Junior Murvin and Lee 'Scratch' Perry] original. It's subtle but brilliant.

2) XTC 'All Along the Watchtower': This insane representation of the Dylan tune reworks it completely. Pretty difficult to recognise that it isn't just a post-punk funk workout…

3) Dinosaur Jr 'Just Like Heaven': This version contains 45 seconds of extreme screaming. The Cure's classic pop song is turned on its head into complete college punk-rock. Both versions are excellent.

4) David Bowie 'Let's Spend the Night Together': Bowie's voice alone could reinvent any track, but the instrumentation and arrangements of this version takes the original Rolling Stones song and makes it better.

5) Graham Coxon 'Fame and Fortune': Graham is such a brilliant guitar player so it's good to hear him playing the Mission of Burma classic. This version is quite similar to the original, but it sounds so relevant in contemporary times.

The Futureheads Worst Ever

1) G4 'Bohemian Rhapsody': We hate when music snobs think that opera is for some reason better than pop music! None of those guys can sing like big Fred.

2) Limp Bizkit 'Faith': Rap metal – bad. Proper pop tune – good!

3) Alien Ant Farm 'Smooth Criminal': You can't cover Michael. He is pop music.

4) Mike Flowers Pops 'Wonderwall': Jumping on the bandwagon with a novelty version has never been more apparent…

5) Will Young 'Light My Fire': This is the worst cover version of all time. The boy couldn't nail a tune with a hammer!

If that’s not enough Futurehead loving for you, check out the website for more information, link or getting hounding and win some signed artwork here: link

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