Fab Cafe Goes Live on the 8th!

Fab Cafe, the time honoured cult tv and movie theme bar are now hosting live music events – featuring quality bands from around the globe and showcasing top local talent.

First up is on the 8th of march (tues) with the line up as follows –

*** The High Water Marks ***
What happens when Apples in stereo's drummer Hilary Sidney from
Kentucky USA puts her head together with pen pal Per Ole from norway? The release of their astonishing debut album 'Songs About The ocean'. A dynamic live act full of psych-pop and lo-fi energy.

*** Jack Adaptor ***
Formerly of 'The Family Cat', band members Christopher and Paul
play tripped out electro pop with princesque guitar licks and brooding

*** I Had An Inkling ***
Local favourites will blast you into submission.

*** Within ***
Another top local act. Their own indie recipe harks back to happy
manchester summer nights of the late 80's and early 90's.

*** Jez ***
A real treat this one. A familiar face in Affleck's Palace, Jez has
been giging around for some time in various guises. Tonight he plays a solo
set trying out some new material with a distincly psychedelic edge and
echoes of country/americana.

Doors will open at 7pm, for any further info contact mail/

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