Bowling For Freshmen

Army of Freshmen have begun recording the follow-up to their critically acclaimed “Beg, Borrow, Steal” album with Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick at the helm. The 2 keyboard pop-punk band from Southern California are currently at Valve Studios in Dallas, Texas where they are working on over 20 tracks for their as-yet-untitled third release. The band's second album, “Beg, Borrow, Steal” received rave reviews in Alternative Press, Kerrang and AMP and gave the band an MTV hit in Japan with “Get Um Up”. The track went on to be added to over 20 major alternative rock stations across the US towards the end of 2004.

Kerrang claim them to be “Pop-tastic!”, Absolute Punk say it's a “cd worth owning!”.

The forthcoming album looks set to be Army Of Freshmen's career defining record. This is Army Of Freshmen's year. Watch them storm the UK.

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