Just Cruising with Loose Canon

aKouStiK AnaRKhy rECorDinGs proudly present…..

Loose Canon- “Cruising on the 86” [the new single on aA Recordings]

Released on Monday 5th March 2005

Band photo by Jim Hobbs

Manchester’s underground scene is currently flying and out of the mayhem comes the next instalment from aA pioneers Loose Canon with their new single ‘Cruising on the 86’. Released on aA recordings, the DIY label that sprung out of chaotic, long-standing live music club night Akoustik Anarkhy, it marks a real step upwards for the band and a real statement of intent from the aA crew.

Ask Loose Canon what they’ve been up to since the release of their last single ‘What Comes Next?’ and you’ll get the honest reply “making music and having as good a time as we possibly can”. The new single embodies this belief as lead singer Noel Vazquez ushers the warning ‘you better run, better hop, better skip, better jump in life’. Not a calling for us all join a gym, but as Noel explains “its merely a suggestion from me to myself and in turn to the listener that you better get enjoying yourself now, RIGHT NOW which ever way you choose”.

The title ‘Cruising on the 86’ refers to the bus route Noel travels on every day, “It takes me to work, home, to friends, back home again in a seemingly continuous cycle. ‘Cruising on the 86’ is one of the constant things that happens to me… I’m alone and there’s a lot to think about”. As the ruminations on life lyrics read ‘outside, party, party in this city, full flight’ it’s almost a call to arms. Noel translates “It’s message: whatever maybe weighing you down, this city has some classic times that can be the antidote to dispel all your problems”.

“a twisted pop-noir rush… a thrilling amalgam of Joy Division, JAMC and The Fall’s styles. With a little bit extra” The Independent- Single of the Week

“the most up-fer it gonzos this town has thrown up in years” NME

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