The 'Floor on Tour

Following a successful London date to satisfy the growing buzz around the band and an intense period of recording, The Second Floor announce their first string of local gigs this year. A rare hometown date at Newton Le Willows is followed by a gig for those purveyors of musical excellence Akoustik Anarkhy with fellow local hot prospects Keith and an appearance at the wonderful Polygon in Eccles. With the band turning heads with major interest from the industry and music fans alike, they arrive in 2005 not as some work in progress or a band of mere promise, but as the finished article, the real deal.


Friday 18th March 2005 @ The Griffin, Earlestown, Newton Le Willows.

Saturday 19th March 2005 @ Akoustik Anarkhy, Piccadilly Gardens Hotel, Manchester.

Saturday 26th March 2005 @ No. 8, The Polygon, Eccles.

Formed as a trio three years ago in the overlooked void between Manchester and Merseyside, the band have since built up an adoring following with a series of rapturously received local gigs, augmented by successful dates around the country. All this time the band have been constantly expanding their sound, adding a keyboardist/guitarist around a year ago and honing a body of songwriting that would put many established acts to shame. The band play songs with the depth and assuredness of a band at their peak, but with all the edge and impetus you’d expect of a fledgling act.

“Dynamic, atmospheric rock n’ roll” is how the band describe themselves, but that only tells part of the story of a band weaned on everything from 60’s psychedelia to epic dissonant post-punk, old-school rap to northern soul. These influences reflect in the band’s music, forming a focussed, unique and modern sound. Lyrically, the band don’t ask you to feel their pain, they write songs that resonate with anyone living life’s journey of peaks and troughs. These are songs of passion that are inspirational and intoxicating, with an immediacy to captivate instantly. Catch them live and prepare to fall in love.

“The Second Floor possess the gritty, raw and ballsy attitude of their influences, but present the sound in a forward thinking contemporary way… One of the most exciting and most certainly, inspiring demo CDs of the year, performed with a genuinely rock n’ roll attitude to instantly dismiss their peers, 9/10.” Dave R-

“Three great tracks point The Second Floor in a firm direction and even by their standards it’s early days, which opens the door to some exciting and mind expanding possibilities.” JA-

“They sound like three or four of our favourite bands stuck in a musical blender and served up by Jason Pierce, while Kevin Shields tries to figure out how to switch on the strobe light.” aKouStiK AnaRKhY panel- City Life magazine.

“This is the truth; this is what I’m talking about.” The Second Floor- Sound Escape.

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