Absolut Tracks

On October 7 2004, specially-commissioned new music from a raft of high-profile producers – Spain’s Wally Lopez, Russia’s DJ Vadim, Poland’s Jacek Sienkiewicz and Germany’s Monica Kruse – will be available to download at absoluttracks link. The songs are the result of a creative collaboration between the artists and ABSOLUT.

Each tracks speaks for itself. But the dedicated portal integrates the project into a complete audio-visual experience that brings alive the brand’s collaboration with music. Inspired by the digitised form of a soundwave – the shape any musician working in dance music instinctively recognises – the site invites users to navigate their way through the entirety of the ABSOLUT TRACKS project.

Users will be able to download the whole site, music and interviews as well as images, to their MP3 players. As a brand we are happy to be able to give this to our consumers’, says Michael Persson, Senior Director of Marketing at V&S Absolut Spirits.

Far more than merely showcasing individual tracks, users can explore the device to audition and download four tracks, fast-forward or rewind to artist’s features, interviews, sound clips, portraits and other biographical information, and watch videos of each production.

Since 2003 the brand’s groundbreaking collaborations with art and fashion have extended into music with the ABSOLUT TRACKS project. Last year saw the launch of the first evolution of ABSOLUT TRACKS, in which European dance artists Rollercone, Taxi and Aril Brikha each produced unique tracks. These tracks are also available to download from the new site.

ABSOLUT has cultivated a unique relationship with the creative arts for two decades. Since Andy Warhol first painted the iconic bottle almost twenty years ago, ABSOLUT has been active in the spheres of art and fashion, working with artists and designers to create captivating new works that have become celebrated and recognised worldwide. The ABSOLUT brand’s commitment to encouraging and enabling creativity now extends into music – TRACKS is an artistic initiative with a beat everyone can move to.

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