Dirtblonde Play Retro on 21st and Release Debut Single

Dirtblonde, link the new and controversial Liverpool band, comprised of Lula Blue (vox and bass) and Ivan
Hell(guitar) and a drum-machine nicknamed Dee Dee, are BACK in the UK after a successful tour in Brazil playing at the Retro Bar in Manchester, on 21st April.

The band, who’ve been chosen by the BBC Liverpool site one of the 5 “Most Likely” local bands to succeed in 2005 (alongside the likes of Deltasonic`s Dead 60s) spent the first months of the year touring Brazil,
where they played a string of successful gigs in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Dirtblonde had their songs played on major radio stations and popular club nights there, and were also interviewed by the biggest newspaper in Brazil, O Globo.

To cap it all, Dirtblonde were the first Liverpool band since Echo & The Bunnymen to appear as guests of Garagem, one of the most popular radio shows on Brasil 2000 FM, in Sao Paulo.

“The Hangmen”
Dirtblonde's debut single, 'The Hangmen', will finally be released on 25th April. The title track has already been played by Steve Lamacq on his BBC radio show, and the song and it's B-sides will be available for FREE,
to download on the band's official website

A Limited-edition run of the CD will also be available for free, at gigs or posted directly to those who join the band's mailing-list and provide a postal address.

'The Hangmen' has been surrounded by controversy after they split from their record label last year. The row was the core of a major feature on Channel 4's Ideas Factory website, which drew even more attention to the band early this year.

Now, in true punk spirit, the band will release ‘The Hangmen’ themselves, with the artwork they always wanted.

The single was re-mastered in Brazil, where the band also recorded three new songs, available now on their website.

Dirtblonde have received rave reviews since they first started last year, once being referred to by Channel 4's Ideas Factory website as 'so
immediate that if you blink, you'll miss them'. And Dirtblonde are set to be one of the most exciting bands you'll hear all year. Don't miss!!!

“Dirtblonde are now; Dirtblonde are then; Dirtblonde are like a punk rock orchid. Shockingly beautiful, tragically delicate, and so immediate that if you blink, you'll miss them. They operate in that grey area of music that, if you squint, it could sit just as easily in any credible record collection, the set list of a trendy-London [Club] or indeed Pop World. In fact, I bet Simon from Pop World may soon give his right bollock to interview Dirtblonde. “ Channel 4’s Ideas Factory website

“It rocks, in a slightly unsettling way…would sound at home on ‘Psychocandy’ by the Jesus and Mary Chain” I Shot The Deputy Fanzine

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