Buen Chico, Bon Genre!

VManEvents comes up trumps again with this rock double-header date featuring the much sought-after Buen Chico from Leeds and reputable Southamptoners Fleeing New York at the Dry Bar next Tuesday.

VManEvents Presents…

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The Jakpot
Dirty Circus

Tuesday May 10th 2005 @ Dry Bar, Manchester. Tickets £5, Doors 8pm.

Buen Chico
If the term ‘bouncebackability’ were applied to musicians, there can surely be no more fitting case of the term than the teenage frontman of Buen Chico, Morgan. Within three weeks of the band’s first demo being recorded, major label and management deals were waiting to be signed then… the rest of the band departed leaving him alone. Undeterred, Morgan set about West Yorkshire finding new members and Buen Chico were reborn.

Morgan’s persistence is the music world’s gain as Buen Chico’s sparky mix of new wave, Motown, punk and pop would have been too good to be left to die. Inspired by the likes of The Pixies, Weezer, The Smiths and The Flaming Lips, the remodeled Buen Chico maintained the attention of EMI Records, who sent the band into the studio a week after their A Levels to record with celebrated producer Dave Kosten. The band went on to win the Future Sounds competition at The Cockpit in Leeds, which gave them a prestigious slot at The Leeds Festival. A gig in London for Fierce Panda alongside Kaiser Chiefs attracted the NME's Queens of Noize to the band; so much so that they include “I Don't Care” on their compilation album “Best of 2005”.

With the one-off release of debut single “Killing Somebody” this month on the Pure Wonder label, and with the music industry watching very closely, the future looks very bright indeed for Buen Chico.

Fleeing New York
Alongside The Bees, The Delays and Dead! Dead! Dead! Fleeing New York are the latest band deserving of praise from England’s south coast, an area not often renowned for guitar bands. Forming at Winchester Art College, the band established themselves in the Southampton area, with gigs at venues like Talking Heads and the Joiners. Under the name Tenterhooks (changed from FNY due to 9/11), the band made their TV debut in November 2001 at a BBC Children In Need gig in Southsea alongside the major acts at the time in front of a 20,000 crowd.

Since those heady early days the band reverted back to their original name (taken from the Hunter S Thompson book ‘Songs of the Doomed’) and set about perfecting their thrilling set of noise rock anthems. Releasing debut mini-album ‘AOK’ in November last year, preceded by the sing-along ‘Hollywood Bowl’ single, the band have commanded major attention from both critics and rock fans alike. With new single ‘Up, Up, Up, Up’ receiving national airplay, it may not be too long before Fleeing New York are back in front of 20,000 punters, this time as headliners.

“… like Royal Trux having a knife fight with The Pixies… If the first album delivers on their early promise we’re in for a special treat indeed.” NME

“… a confused, eerie and unique work of genius… Fleeing Southampton and heading for stardom.” Rock Sound

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