Perfoming Rights Society Grants

This year the Performing Rights Society Foundation (PRS) has broadened the scope of its Live Connections scheme by offering grants of between £500 – £5000 to electronic music artists, for a one-off performance of their work. This grant has been available for a few years, and the levels of applications are worryingly low, especially from musicians outside of the London area.

If you've never heard of this award before, it can be used for anything from a live PA as part of a club night or as a small part of the funding towards a grander scale event. Applicants can be individual artists or collaborators but they do need to be working closely with a promoter/organisation/club or with a sound system that will help them deliver their chosen performance.

Previous recipients of Live Connections grants including: Kreepa, Brian Duffy, Plaid, Adam Freeland, London Elektricity and I am the Mighty Jungulator, have been able to put on dynamic and unusual performances, from electro-acoustic installations to full-on techno and breakbeat events.

Tony Colman of London Elektricity had this to say about the award:

“Thanks to support from The PRS Foundation we were able to rehearse and promote our show extensively which contributed to us selling out the Jazz Café in Camden on a Tuesday night! We devised a method of playing our drum and bass show completely live, because it became clear when we were rehearsing that relying on playback from computers or sequencers would take away some of the energy and excitement of the live performance. Although I was a bit nervous about delivering a completely live performance I think it really paid off as we had a fantastic response from the audience. We aimed to break new ground in live electronic music with our show and, with the help of the PRS Foundation, we definitely succeeded.”

Check out the official site for contact and detail: link

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