Independents Day

1st July 2005
Barfly Club, Seel Street, Liverpool

Fingers up to the Corporates. Independents Day is here!

After the success of the first Independents Day, the annual night is back with a vengeance with some of the best indie labels from the North West. Indie Day is a day for independent record labels giving them a chance to get together, chew the cud and show off the acts they are sweating over to both the industry and true music fans alike. (Unlike the title suggests, Indie Day has nothing at all to do with America just the first one was on 4th July and we thought ourselves incredibly witty!)

Acts include Liverpool's Spank Records' 28 Costumes and , Robot Records' Tuco, Black Sheep's Civita, Invicta Hifi's Snap Ant. Growing in size and reputation, Manchester labels are this year involved with acts from Storm Media and Akoustik Anarkhy along with special guests, The Cardinals, signed to B-Unique (label mates with Kaiser Chiefs).

Indie Day is all about the music, Northwest bands and the formidable
enablers behind them. A bold event and brain child of Tracey Morgan of Blacksheep Records, she said “Independents Day is for independent record labels to support and promote them. I feel we can get a rough ride in the industry and it's a bit of a battle to try and compete on such small budgets, whilst producing the most creative and passionate work.

The event is being held on all three floors of the Barfly in Seel Street,
Liverpool on Friday 1st July 2005. It's £1 to get in before 8pm and £3
before 10pm. Doors 7pm. Entry includes free entrance to Panic! afterwards.

Make sure you get there early.

For more info keep checking link and go to the Liverpool section.

PS. Corporates are welcome xx

Photo by Mark McNulty

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