wanting to enlarge your music collection?

Sometimes we all need to clear a bit of room, throw out some old tat. You may even take it to a car boot sale or hope to make a few bucks on an internet auction. But how about selling on e-bay a personal collection of tens of thousands of 7″ vinyls for ten thousand bucks?

Thats exactly what a sixty year old e-bayer from New York did. In an auction that attracted over 90,000 page views and 32 bids, one music-lover took overownership that will require several truck jouneys in order to transport.

Soul, R'n'B, pop,rock, country, you name it – it was there. The only restrictions that were made were that it was buyer-collect, and there was no pick'n'mixing – you either take the whole lot or not at all.

The owner was the first to warn that although there may be a few valuable gems in there, it wasn't exactly a collection capable of opening up a shop with. Whoever it was that bought it, I hope they have made plans for what they are going to do wit it all…

For the full story and pictures, look here:

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