NLR Showcase For Young Bands

Next Level Radio is a new Youth Music Project from Charnwood Arts. Following on from the successful Pineapster collaboration, next Level Radio is a dedicated website for young musicians in the East Midlands.

You may wonder what is Next Level? Next Level is a website for anyone under 19 who wants to show case their stuff, talk about their lives, have a bit of fun, learn new skills, have a voice about issues, chill out and express themselves or do something they never thought they could. Find more about it on the site link.

The site, designed and built by as part of, will be administered and fully supported by Charnwood Arts. The launch of the site is expected to be July 16th 2005 . There will be a gig featuring some of the bands on the site at the Shed in Leicester.

To get some content in next Level Radio website, we are calling all bands and musicians under 19 interested in developing their work and sharing their audiences with other bands through Next level Radio. They will be given a web page, space for mp3 downloads, and access to the Next Level Forums. And if they want, they can make a play list with their music or work on a project film for Next Level TV featuring their music.

Bands interested in being a part of this are welcome to send MP3's, Cd's, biographies, photos etc, whatever you like to promote yourselves really.

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