Hefner – Living with Caravans and Cortinas

20th August
Darren Hayman (ex Hefner)
Mark Wilson
Kesey Experiment
The Light Fantastic
@ The Magnet, Liverpool
Doors 7.30pm, £5adv

Think back to the tail end of the 90’s. A band appeared and took over the front cover of the NME, drained the airplay on Radio1 and were generally the biggest thing ever since the last big thing. Not exactly pretty, more full of geek than mystique with some horrible photos, that would normally be banished to the back of the draw, as press piccies – Hefner announced themselves and were gratefully received.

Looking back over their discography they seem to have release a limited edition 7” every month through out the year – all with their trademark Pop Art cover to reinforce the slight awkwardness (as if it needed it) that this band was becoming fondly relished for.

Still writing prolifically Darren Hayman takes some time out from his bluegrass super group to tour and promote his latest solo offerings – and as you would expect its not one single but two EPs to look out for. ‘Caravan Songs’ is so called as the songs were written while Hayman lived in a caravan! While the cover art for ‘Cortinaland’ is a comic Hayman drew when he was 12. Getting the idea yet? Promising Ukuleles, Guitars, Hefner Songs, French Songs and Electronica it’s bound to be a mish mash of concentrated flavours and defiantly something a reminiscent 90’s hound would not want to miss.

Supporting is the fabulous Mark Wilson, the delicious Kesey Experiment and the wonderful The Light Fantastic.

Tickets are going to fly on this as he ain’t appearing up North anywhere else. So order your ticket here:


or from Radio City Box Office or by ringing 08700 600 100.

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