Star Wars Party

The CD, STAR WARS PARTY by MECO, was released on May 27, 2005.”MECO, Music Inspired By Star Wars,was released on June 14,2005, By DM Records… Appearing on the album in various ways is Award Winning Songwriter himself, Peter Frank Santovito aka Peter Frank. Peter Frank does voice characterizations, sings background vocals and performs his ripping lead guitar work on what is to be one of MECO’s best collection of STAR WARS music ever! Vocals were recorded at Peter's Home Project Studio,

The Music Company, in which Peter engineered. (Meco had a Billboard number one pop hit single with, “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band” by Meco, in October 1977. It is the only instrumental single ever to be certified platinum (2 million units sold) by the RIAA. Meco also Produced Gloria Gaynor’s,”Never Can Say Good-Bye” and Produced Kenny G’s first album.) Peter Frank says, “It’s the first of its kind that I know of. This album is a masterpiece if you will, because the entire record was solely created by Meco, on a home computer, without any musicians except for Meco, Peter Frank (vocals, impressions and guitar) Jeff Jenkins, Kim Weiss and Yamira Santieli (vocals). Meco used Sony’s Acid Pro (pre-recorded loops) to create all of the wonderful sonic sounds you hear on this album!” I believe it’s because of his formal training, experience and knowledge that make him a great record producer. I am honored to know and work with my dear friend, Meco Monardo. He taught me much. The CD,”STAR WARS PARTY”, is available at all fine music outlets, including but not limited to, AMAZON.COM, CDBABY.COM, and more… Peter has been keeping himself busy. Besides his music talents & performing, he is also Pro Tools trained in audio engineering! Peter is the event co-ordinator of Bay Rockers 13 an Annual Music Reunion Party set for January 7 in NY.

You can listen and purchase Peter’s CD, “Letters To My Love” at,,,, Sony Direct,, all major music outlets. Type in Peter Frank Santovito or Meco into any search engine or use this Direct Link…link

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