Glasswerk Presents Mistys Big Adventure

Glasswerk is proud to present Misty's Big Adventure in London, Liverpool and Manchester on the 28th, 30th Sept and 2nd Oct respectively.

During a time when every new band looks to show how hip, now and neccessary they are- while simultaneously showing their influences with every note they play and therefore how dated and disposable they are, Misty's Big Adventure are a welcome change.

A band that comes ready to entertain they leave their fans and passing strays with an audible and visual grin. Their rhetoric is not throw-away humour or a pastiche of their peers, instead it has content. Content that has seen their current single 'Hey Man!' banned by Radio 1 (admittedly after it had recieved airplay on 6music) due to the lyrical content of b-side 'E.V.I.L'. Misty's track 'E.V.I.L.' is Grandmaster Gareths attack on New Labour and was released for free download on the same day the lemmings took to the poll booths.

MBA are a band that entertain on more than a style level, a band i dare you to see and not leave grinning like a LSD spiked Granny at a Rod Stewart stadium show.

Come to experience, leave entertained.

28th September – Purple Turtle, Camden, London
30th September – Barfly, Liverpool
1st October – Dry Bar, Manchester

Tickets from – link

or 08700 600 100

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