Moore music festival finally upon us

After years of holding some of the best parties in the area, 'The Project' are finally ready to realize their dream, and showcase some of the best bands around in a full weekend festival. Described as an 'all-singing, all-dancing, ass-shaking extravaganza of musical joy debuting on a beautiful hillside near Leeds', The Project have arranged the festival unsponsored by corporations and remains firmly at grass roots level with many of the bands coming from the local area and with organic food and Fair Trade tea and coffee.

With two main tents; Homespun, featuring the best in electronic and dance based music and the Leeds Live stage focusing on the more live and loud areas of music, plus with the addition of The Electric Fish
Experience, a super-chilled, acoustic fuelled den serving wonderful food with space to find new and interesting ways to kick back!

The festival also features the following bands:

Ralph Lawson 20/20 Soundsystem, The Scaramanga Six, 10,000 Things, Jon Gomm, The Somatics, Hayley Gaftarnick, Tim Wright (Novamute), Freakin DJs, Scassa Monakee, The Bluefoot Project, The Rivers, The Playmates, Vector Lovers (Soma), Sawa Teen, Nshwa,
Sholto, Namke (Iwari), Green Beats, Fran Rodgers, Waking the Witch, Troy Faid, Jordan Senior, Solo, Michael Berk, Pigzipper, Filthy Sanchez, Vib Gyor, Stoney, The Mothers, Gallo.
And not forgetting DJs; Dreadzone, Iration Steppas, Treva Whateva (Ninja Tune), DMX Krew, Michael Morph (File under music),
JAX, Strictly Alice, Jay Kilka (Technique), Asylum DJs, John One, Girlnextdoor, Red Dread, Dan Moore (Superconductor), Bad Sneakers DJs, Hi Pressure DJs.

Also, ‘moor’ acts have been confirmed for Moor Music!
Mishkin, Black Night Crash, Gaia, Cherry Falls (aka Slow Cherry), Target Practice, Feluka, Hayashi, HaggisHorns, Jacuzzi 500, Cardboard Radio, Grasshopper, One Less Beer, Brendan Coulcar, Jess Garnham, Benjamin Wetherill, Becky Roberts, Mike Newsham, Dan O’Shea,
Filth. With backup from DJs Alex Bowen, Matthew and Markus Kronk, Mick Cloudbase, Solar, Dan Watts, Lady Random, Nick Ass Jackson, Jonny Cocktails, Duke Dylanja

Tickets: 35 pounds

19th, 20th, 21st August

Tickets available from:

Jumbo/Tribe/Basement Trax/Soul Alley

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