Fopp gets us Dead 60's Excited


Liverpool’s biggest new export The Dead 60s, will be making an in-store
appearance at Fopp Nottingham this September. The 14th of September will see them playing an acoustic set at the Fopp store on Earlham Street at one o’clock.

The in-store appearance will support the release of the band’s latest single ‘Riot Radio’, which is being released through Deltasonic Records on 12th September.

Though The Dead 60s are a band from Liverpool, they sound absolutely nothing like anything else the city has ever produced. They’ve created a defiantly British soundtrack to urban living, but one with deep Jamaican roots. The band have no connection with the current fad for angular New Wave guitars and everything to do with super heavy reggae grooves, booming dub echoes and wired-up punk energy. Riot Radio is taken from the band’s debut album due for release on 26th September.

Fopp In-stores have become something of an institution; The Dead 60s will be following in the footsteps of Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture and Magic Numbers who have all played at Fopp stores in recent years. Fopp’s ability to provide a platform for cutting edge bands to play to fans across its stores is being developed all the time. At the moment Fopp Nottingham is spearheading providing new facilities, building a new stage to make the in-store experience even better for the bands and their fans.

More information on The Dead 60s and all other Fopp news can be found at Fopps website: link or for further info on The Dead 60s link

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