Belle & Sebastian Charity Double

Belle & Sebastian are one of 22 top bands who spared a day of their time to record a track for the War Child project Help: A Day In The Life. The War Child organisation was formed in 1993 as a response to conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and has been helping to ease the suffering of children in war-torn regions of the world ever since.

Individual tracks were made available for download on Fri 9th Sep. for just 99p each and almost 70,000 downloads were made in the first 24 hours. An album containing all 22 tracks is now available for £9.99 as well as the individual tracks still available to download. link

Following on from this, B&S showed their charitable spirit once again by announcing they will be headlining at the Popped Festival in Castlemilk Community Centre on Fri. 7th and Sat. 8th of October.

The band are no strangers to the venue as Mick Cooke and Richard Colburn formerly ran music workshops in the Community Centre, and singer Stuart Murdoch once played an acoustic set there.

Furthermore, they have also agreed to do a guitar workshop on the Friday afternoon; prior to their Saturday gig.

Tickets are £12 each (per day) and available by contacting Kate or Tracey on 0141 634 3351, by email mail or in person from the Castlemilk Community Centre, Castlemilk Drive.

For places on the guitar workshop call Fraser on 0141 630 000.

More info on other acts playing can be found on the Popped Festival site. link

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