Music Is My Sanctuary
Reverend Cayote
Regarding Frank
Wednesday 2nd November
@ Dry Bar, Manchester

Imagine, if you can, a place where people come together to let go, a place where people know they are safe under the blanket of a friendly atmosphere created by like-minded people, who have come to enjoy music, dance and escape.

Come and hear Manchester's finest and most eclectic mix of music. Come and hear the most talented musicians in Manchester. Your Sanctuary awaits.

LTA, a project conceived by Manchester born producer Daco aka Dave Connally, was formed in 2004 when Dave was driven to produce a high quality, time resilient album with the concept of promoting it through live performances. His musical background dates as far back as 1990 when he teamed up with singer/songwriter Andrew Hall and formed Mellowstate, who signed to WEA the following year. They boasted influential 12” remixes by Chicago prodigies’ E-Smoove, Maurice Joshua and worked alongside producers John Coxon (EBG, Definition of Sound, Betty Boo) and Neil McClellan (N-Joy, Saffron, Prodigy). In 2004 he linked up with local talent and inspiration Stuart Whitehead, a like minded soul with a passion for deep and soulful rare grooves. Later that year they brought on board the mellow sounds of jazz pianist Al Scott, later adding into the mix the vocal talents of Mr.J (N-Trance, Phuturistix…), Garfield Menzies, Raphael, Sarah Howard and the heavenly sounds of Guildhall Graduate Helena Price (Carmel McCourt) on Flute. Inspired by Legends like Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Quincy Jones, Patrice Rushen, Roy Ayers to name but a few, the LTA live experience is a journey for all serious groovers who ‘love the action’, with heavy weight house grooves supplied by Rythmatix (Elliot Randall) and Michael Guilbourne (10cc, Barclay James Harvest) on percussion. The sound is fresh and original; encompassing laid back jazz grooves, electro and deep soulful house.

Regarding Frank are an extremely talented and promising Manchester based band. With their exciting fusion of jazz, funk and many other unclassifiable styles they create some sublimely soulful sounds. They have had successful sales through HMV with their debut EP ‘The Engine Room’ and are taking giant steps with every gig, as demonstrated at their recent outstanding In The City performance. With such a lively energetic mix of genres this band are must see.

Two parts Rochdale, three parts Northumberland, The Reverend Coyote draw from a wide range of influences and come up with something unique. They have a raw but melodic style combining Latin sounds and influences closer to home. Their live set is energetic and upbeat.
In the past year the Reverend Coyote have notched up around thirty gigs, including headlining Friday and Saturday nights at the Roadhouse, and showcases at Life Café, Night and Day Café and Holy City Zoo. Recently trumpeter Matt Burke has joined the live line-up. They have demoed seven tracks, including four live tracks recorded at the Noise Box with Steve Lloyd. The Reverend Coyote are currently establishing a reputation as one of the best live unsigned bands in Manchester.

The Superkings are a seven-piece band hailing from Lancashire (bandmembers make their homes in Manchester, Preston and Lancaster). This spread of location is reflected in their range of influences, from Nick Cave to Paul Simon to Pavement to Neutral Milk Hotel, which results in a sound not easily categorisable. People still try of course, with phrases such as “bitter slow country-rock” and “upbeat piano-punk”. Genre doesn't really bother the Superkings though, over the three years of the band's existence they have tried to simply capture what excites them about songwriting and performance and use it to create songs that range from the raucous to the melancholy. The band consists of the traditional guitar/bass/drums element of indie bands but adds a piano, violin, cello and keyboards to the mix. Having become live favourites in their hometowns they now plan to start spreading the word further afield. They have recorded an EP, entitled Secret Chiefs, which is available at gigs and from the website and collects eight songs from their current setlist.

“[An] intricate and bitter piano-pop [seven] piece, taking in slow, melodic love songs as well as upbeat jazz-infested punk music. Superkings lyrics tend to come straight from a scarred heart or humorous mind, hinting at mainstream influences from The Beatles and The Smiths.”

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