The Music Show New On BBC2 Scotland

From indie to jazz, folk to funk, hip hop to electro pop, BBC Two Scotland’s new entertainment series, The Music Show, showcases a myriad of talent from Scotland’s thriving music scene.

Bringing together big names, breaking bands and musicians brimming on the edge of critical acclaim, The Music Show is a Friday-night fix for die-hard music aficionados across the land.

There’s talent aplenty on The Music Show and none more so than presenter Shantha Roberts whose road to presenting glory came after she was discovered serving cups of coffee in Glasgow’s west end. Café lattes and chocolate muffins aside, music is Shantha’s one true love.
The six-part series airs on BBC Two Scotland from Friday 4 November with the first 30-minute show featuring performances from Scotland’s darlings Belle and Sebastian, art school rockers Sons & Daughters, lo-fi electro outfit Salon Boris, rock outfit Sluts Of Trust, folk-rockers Aberfeldy and Edinburgh-based favourites Ballboy, famously championed by the late John Peel.

Future programmes will bring sets from Arab Strap, El Presidente and James Yorkston, to name but a few.

Aside from an array of music styles, The Music Show breaks the mould of traditional TV performances, taking bands out of the studio and placing them in various Scottish music venues and unusual locations as well as creating full concept videos.

Beyond performances, The Music Show will be interspersed with cutting-edge animation from two acclaimed Glasgow artists.

David Shrigley’s skittish cartoons and satirical doodles have been snapped up by Saatchi and featured in Blur’s Good Song video, making him one of the most-talked about artists around. The Music Show brings viewers a collection of quickies from Shrigley called Modern Thought, while local graphic artist Kev Harper unveils The Fall Of Nihls McRae, the tale of a fallen A&R man who hides himself away from the world in his bed.

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