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The Beehive Project fell together through dead end streets and late night beats. Preferring to spend their time soaking up the bright lights of the city then honing their craft they soon fell to the gutter, and their the dream stayed for a while.

Forged through the hopes of free drinks, late nights and easy birds The Beehive Project were always going to be the greatest bunch of chance’s around, but if there’s a chance there’s always going to be some hope!

At the Leeds festival 04, Banjo (vocals), ran in to a loved up Dominic Masters of indie upstarts The Others. After aiding him in one of his guerrilla gigs the boys ended back at Banjos tent for a smoke and a jam. As the time passes and the crowd masses, the guitar was passed to Banjo to play a few of his own songs. After two tunes Dom offered Banjo a gig at the Cardiff Barfly at the end of the week. All well and good, until you remember that the Beehive Project was a blag! No songs, no members, one week CRUNCH TIME!

The Cardiff gig was triumph. Nine songs, two smashed guitars, one fucked drum kit and a whole lot of love. The band were taken from the stage by a army of new fans and promptly marched to the bar. The boys promptly went on to drink and dance the night away, with Banjo storming the stage at the end of the show climbing the lighting rig and smashing his feet through every bulb as he hung from his legs egging on the Cardiff crowd.

“We're Not the Best Band in the World, just your Favourite” was recorded at Autumn Road studio in Wrexham. The whole record was nailed in one take, and wrapped in a space of three hours, with an hour for dinner! The CD soon fell into the sweaty palms of Radio Wales new music junkie Adam Walton. He gave Fuzzy Smoke its first radio play. Due to the intense feedback the lads were offered a session mere minutes after the show ended.

Here are Glasswerk’s thoughts on that very session:

A fuzzy guitar opens the first tune of the Adam Walton session, who obviously thinks there is something good about this band otherwise he wouldn’t have wasted the BBC's money on putting them in the studio to record this 3 track offering. With drums reminiscent of Oasis’ Bring it on Down kicking the song to a aggressive early start, the whole song follows suit and has a very British-ness to it, and even leads towards their old pal Dominic Masters vocal style.
Now, there are a million tighter bands around the country and probably even The Beehive Project’s home town, but I doubt very much these lads give a shite, after all, rock n roll isn’t meant to be polished and perfect. If they wanted to do that then they would be in U2, and who would want to be in U2? Yeah, so would I but only for the money, but apart from that there’s no chance mate. I’m too busy to be saving the world, as are TBP ‘cos they are busy entertaining fans of new and old with their class of indie rock n roll (for me). And I’d imagine that “SUNDAY COMEDOWN” is the song in their set that they play to give themselves and their audience a bit rest from the antics are songs like FUZZY SMOKE. Tales of dodgy pills taking their toll the morning after the night before is the obvious subject matter in this song with very direct lyrics. Bands should always write what they know about, TBP do, not many others do. The song finished with a Baby You Can Drive My Boat style vocal and applause (from themselves probably) but it works.
IF WE’RE NOT SINGING begins and makes me immediately think that they have turned all serious!! But fear not, it was merely a smoke screen for another ‘typical’ Beehive Project tune, its rock. Its indie. Its indie Rock. And it’s very much a lads getting pissed up down the pub sing along tune, stamping about spilling beer over the unsuspecting regulars. YOU WANNA BE ME reminds me of Up In The Sky a little, it’s the little riffy bit at the start I think. Its catch 3 chord stuff but it works well enough, but I wouldn’t say it was their best song out of the 4 on offer courtesy of Mr Walton.

The Beehive Project probably know full well that they aren’t the best musicians on the block and as a unit are about as tight as a Soho slag, but as stated earlier, rock n roll isn’t about being perfect.

www.thebeehiveproject.co.uk listen for yourself.

This article is the OPINION of a Glasswerk Wales writer. We aren’t in anyway trying to force anyone to agree with what we say or think. We aren’t the NME. Thank you please.

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