'Golden Black' collects 26 tracks from the Guitar Wolf back catalogue – many of them seeing an official European release for the first time ever – chosen entirely by the votes of fans across the world, and remastered and sequenced by the band. Compiling Guitar Wolf 'classics' such as 'Jet Generation' and 'Invader Ace' alongside lesser known and unreleased tracks from the Wolf vaults, 'Golden Black' is a fitting tribute to sonic havoc of one of the most intense rock'n'roll bands the planet earth has ever produced.

Formed in 1987, Guitar Wolf were one of the original garage-punk-rock bands to emerge from Japan, opening the doors for the likes of's, Teengenerate, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant and Mad 3.

From their first album (1993's 'Wolf Rock'. a virtually unlistenable, yet hypnotising, vinyl only LP released through Japanese label Less Than TV and in the U.S on the Oblivians' Goner Records) through the 'Matador years' (1996's 'Missile Me', 97's 'Planet Of The Wolves' and 99's 'Jet Generation'), pausing briefly for their big screen debut (in 2000's insane teen / zombie / rock'n'roll movie 'Wild Zero') and right up to their ninth full length release (2004's 'Loverock'), Guitar Wolf took their ear-splitting, speaker-melting brand of rock'n'roll – Jet-rock – to the stages of the world. touring with like-minded friends and fans such as The Cramps, The Oblivians, and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, to name but a few.

2004 saw the release of 'I Love Guitar Wolf. Very Much' a tribute album featuring tracks by artists as diverse as The Datsuns, Lightning Bolt, J.Mascis & The Fog, The Wildhearts and Jim O'Rourke.

The same year saw Guitar Wolf once again hitting the road, taking in sell out tours of Europe and the U.S, culminating in two insane beer-soaked, venue-devastating shows at SXSW in March '05.

Sadly, soon after returning to Tokyo, Billy Bass Wolf passed away following a sudden heart attack on March 30th 05. With a question mark hanging over the future of Guitar Wolf as a band, the remaining members oversaw the compilation of first a live DVD ('Guitar Wolf – Live From The World') and an album to bring to a close 'Guitar Wolf Mk I'. Which brings us to where we are today. 'GOLDEN BLACK'

HOT OFF THE PRESS THOUGH, a new bass wolf has been recruited, tour dates in the ~UK & Europe are planned for 2006.

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