Independent label launches with anti-industry petition

Independent label launches with anti-industry petition

An independent British record label, Flowerburger Records, launched this week with a petition damning the music industry for suing people who download music illegally.

Flowerburger Records’ founder Chris Thomas, a long-standing music industry account whose clients include Charlotte Church and Nick Cave, is one of a growing number of senior figures outraged by the industry’s stance.

The online petition has been launched to coincide with a report due to be published in April by an all-party parliamentary group looking to establish how consumers, artists and distribution companies should be protected in a continually evolving market place.

“I would bet my house on the fact that every single music executive arguing in favour of suing music fans has a computer full of music they didn’t pay for,” says Chris. “This hypocrisy simply has to stop.”

“We must make it clear to the British parliament and the music industry across the world that we will not stand for this heavy-handed solution to the problem of illegal downloading, and I invite everyone who feels the same way as us to sign our petition.”

Flowerburger Records is also planning to offer financial aid to people who are being sued by the music industry, and invites anybody who is being sued or knows somebody who is being sued to get in touch.

You can sign the petition at

You can contact Chris directly at mail

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