Northern Quintet The Randoms Release Their Debut Single

Tapping into the tradition of The Monkees, Madness and more recently The Kaiser Chiefs, the pesky Northern quintet The Randoms are set to bring back a much needed sense of fun to 2006 with the continual onslaught of the Blunt balladeers and impending return of doom with Radiohead.

Already making a name for themselves in the North, where they regularly play to sold-out crowds of Randomettes in Manchester, Wigan and Liverpool, they grew up in the small rural town of Leigh. While other bands were hunting for gold in the nearby fields, Fast Greg, Al 501, Ace Matthews, Robbie Dynamite and Sam Panic were busy taking their best mates girl to the pictures. By the time the local Kino closed down they’d pretty much taken all the local girls to the pictures and decided to form a band to tell the rest of the world about their exploits.

Recording an album with producer John Kettle (Moco / The Marble Index) The Randoms have a formidable arsenal of pop tunes to win over the masses with. From the forthcoming double A-side Taking Your Best Mates Girl To The Pictures / Two Stripe Trainers to Bar Music and Office Syndrome the band draw on the observational wit of The Kinks and Pulp, the glam rock kinetics of Bowie and Slade and hooks that Maximo Park would sell their mothers for.

Hooking up with film producer JP Bankes-Mercer, who recently produced the Jim Noir video “Key Of C”, the band filmed their first video in Peter Kay’s “Phoenix Club” and were promptly asked to pen the soundtrack for BBC Scotland’s forthcoming comedy series “Heroes For Hire” which is look set to follow in the comedic footsteps of “Chewin’ The Fat” and “Still Game”.

Explaining what the Randoms set out to do Ace Matthews offers “We never had any master plan, we just liked making music and hanging out together and so it progressed, but we always were in the band for the fun of it. Our only mission is to get people dancing, singing along, get invited to as many parties as possible, stick together and enjoy it”

“Two Stripe Trainers” and “Taking Your Best Mates Girl To The Pictures” is released on 10th April through the bands own November Record label. With distribution handled by Genepool / Universal the release will be available on the following sites:

iTunes :: link
Virgin Megastores :: link
HMV Online :: link

For more information, make sure you check out the official site! link


You can catch The Randoms performing their new single at the Rockwerk festival, running this easter weekend @ The Barfly, Liverpool.

For more information visit link. Other bands playing at the three day festival include Bands playing include Day With Mary, Mistys Big Adventure, Ji, Metro Manila Aide, Jamestown and The Coronation.

Tickets start at £5, or £12 for a weekend pass. To purchase tickets visit link

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