Rakes Play Kebab Shop

Last month T-Mobile Street Gigs whisked a select crowd across the Thames for a one-off gig with The Streets in London's only lighthouse no less.

This was the first of 20 truly unique gigs which being brought to you this summer. There's no denying it T-Mobile Street Gigs are back and everybody's talking about it!

It is now time to reveal the second of T-Mobile's totally inimitable Street Gigs. On Thursday 4th May. East London's finest The Rakes are set to play their most surreal and exclusive gig to date. Having proved their pedigree touring with the like of Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand, T Mobile Street Gigs are bringing the boys back home to East London for a one off gig in a Turkish Kebab Shop based in a cave in Dalston!

Lead singer Alan Donohoe from the Rakes says “we're looking forward to do our first ever gig in a kebab shop – We are looking forward to servings of falafels with hummus. It will be interesting to see what a kebab shop looks like before all the late night revellers pile in from the local Yates's”

Tickets are free and available from today at link

Official Rakes site: link

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