Miss King and the Kougars

Bursting out of London’s underground music scene come Miss King and The Kougars. Ready to hit the summer with her hazy vocals, Miranda King oozes you into her trance. Sounds of ‘No Doubt’ reaching the peaks of Kate Bush, the kougars keep you addicted.
‘In Sunshine’ powers out with art trash whilst Miss King spins a web of magic that draws you in.

Miranda’s voice is lashed with sun kissed sounds and layered with hints of ska and splashes of rock. As you listen you discover the complex layers that make Miranda and The Kougars one of the most exciting new acts around.

From rock ska to heart felt ballads like on the track ‘Tony’ where kougars tell a story with slow mellow vocals to fast bursts of meaning. ‘How Fast’ is a pure rock opera with a variety of pitches throwing us fits and starts which is held together quite nicely. ‘Love in Soho’ is a gentle tale brought right from the dark cobbles of London’s underground.

The kougars bring a glam sparkle to new indie. A most intriguing and addictive prospect indeed.

Following the huge sucess of the band's new club night Dirty Little Secret the band will be performing live at the following gigs:

15/05/06 Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Rd EC1
29/05/06 Melange Launch 281 Kingland Rd E2

Be prepared to be warped under Miss King and the Kougars spell!

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