PJ Harvey DVD and Video

PJ Harvey has just had a DVD “Please Leave Quiety” released this past monday on Island.

Filmed during the Uh Huh Her Tour [2004] this is the first ever PJ Harvey DVD release and offers an intimate and insightful look into a world of touring, performing and travelling.

Having finished her seventh album Uh Huh Her in the autumn of 2003, Polly Harvey took to the road with a four-piece band. The collection of performances featured on PJ Harvey On Tour charts her journey through summer festivals, her UK and European tour and on to the US in October 2004, creating a patchwork quilt of sights and sounds.

Live performances taken from the tour are combined with behind-the-scenes footage and material. Stage sets are constructed and dismantled, sound-checks take place and recording studios are explored. PJ Harvey shares her thoughts and feelings about the process of touring through unique video diary footage, giving a very personal account of life on the road.

Featuring two previously unreleased tracks, Uh Huh Her and E♥ol, the cameras are also on hand to capture contributions from crew members working on the tour, giving a complete picture of the day-to-day experience of touring. Extras include a unique 28 minute interview with Harvey which sees her share her thoughts on writing, recording and performing.

Track Listing:

Meet Ze Monsta / Dress / Uh Huh Her / Taut / Down By The Water / It’s You / Big Exit / Harder / The Darker Days Of Me & Him / A Perfect Day Elise / Victory / Catherine / Who The Fuck? / E♥ol / My Beautiful Leah / The Letter

Extras: Behind the scenes footage and interviews; interview with PJ Harvey
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Audio: PCM Stereo
Total running time: 108' 16″

Band Polly Jean Harvey
Rob Ellis
Josh Klinghoffer
Director Maria Mochnacz
Producer Francesco Pezzino
Mixed By Head
Film Editor Chris Naggs

Check out footage from the DVD here:


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